Stephen Curry’s Pregnant Wife Has NBA Three-Point Range

The Golden State Warriors won the 2015 NBA Championship on the back of star point-man and league MVP Stephen Curry. While Curry’s game is multi-faceted and the guard contributed to the Warriors’ success in a myriad of ways, his best and most prominent skill has to be his shooting ability.

More specifically, his ability to seamlessly drop buckets from behind the three-point line. Curry’s knack for finding net from long range regardless of the time, situation and defensive pressure he’s facing is quickly becoming the stuff of legend in NBA circles.

Apparently, the Warriors star isn’t the only one in the Curry family who can bang jumpers from downtown. I’m not talking about Dell Curry–Steph’s father and a noted three-point specialist in the league during the 90s. Rather it’s Ayesha Curry, Stephen’s wife (who just so happens to be several months pregnant), who also appears to have sharpshooting skills.

From Ayesha’s Instagram account–

Full disclosure–that shot probably looks better than mine does at this point. I never realized that a baby bump could play such an integral role in shooting mechanics.

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