Taylor Swift Setlist | 1989 Tour Setlist Predictions

Want to know what songs Taylor Swift will perform on her 1989 tour? So do we! Her camp hasn’t leaked anything about the tour yet, but we’ve done a ton of research, and we think we’ve assembled what may be, in some crazy way, the Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Setlist (or something close to it). Check it out and let us know what songs you think she’ll perform in the comments!

I had to ponder many questions while researching this setlist, like “In her 1989 Tour setlist, will Taylor completely eschew her country roots, or will she incorporate them into her new pop ethos?”, but the hardest part of creating this setlist was determining what song she would start with.

It has to be from 1989, but which song? It absolutely can’t be her megahit “Shake It Off”. From Jingle Ball (setlist below), we know that “Shake It Off” is how she’s going to end her concerts, and what a way to end it! I can plausibly see her starting off the concert with a big round of “Blank Space”, but honestly, I just don’t think “Blank Space” brings the right feel to start a concert. Yes, it’s sassy, and yes, it’s fun, but where do you go from there? Do you really transition from “I’m a rose garden filled with thorns AND a nightmare dressed like a daydream” to “Hi everyone. Thanks for coming out tonight!”? Plausible, but I don’t think it’s the smartest choice.

Taylor Swift 2014 Jingle Ball Setlist

“Welcome to New York” is also a plausible frontrunner, except for one itsy bitsy hang up – 99% of the time, she’s not going to be performing in New York. Oh well.

My pick for Taylor Swift’s first song? Bad Blood. It fits everything you need from an opener. It’s high energy, so it’ll get the crowd going. It’s just popular enough that her fans will know it well, but not so popular that she’ll save it for later in the concert. “Bad Blood” also sets the stage for a setlist that will provide a cohesive framework for the rest of Taylor Swift’s songs.

Taylor Swift Setlist Graph

As you can see from the graph, I predict that Taylor will start off by singing from her repertoire of breakup songs. From there, she’ll transition into singing her more upbeat songs and songs from her previous albums. The more we travel towards the middle of the concert, the farther back she’ll reach in her career. As we hit the halfway mark, she’ll start moving back towards 1989 and towards more of her breakup work (I posit Never Ever Getting Back Together will be towards the end of the concert), before triumphantly ending with Blank Space.

Crafting her setlist this way not only creates a story arc that she can use to weave through her five studio albums, it also follows the natural path many people experience in their relationships, going from a breakup to entering a relationship with someone new, to finally breakuping with that someone new. In this way, the structure of her setlist will mirror and add to the meaning of the individual songs within said setlist.

What do you think? What songs would you like to see Taylor Swift perform on her 1989 Tour? Personally, Style and Out of the Woods are my favorites from 1989, so I’m really hoping she performs them on her tour! And of course, a surprise appearance with J. Lo would be lovely:

Don’t forget to tell us what songs you want see Taylor Swift perform on her 1989 tour in the comments, and make sure to get your cheap Taylor Swift tickets from TickPick!

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