Here’s a comprehensive guide on Terminal 5, including information on the Seating Map, Floorplan, Schedule, Tickets, Discounts, & personal tips from numerous visits to Terminal 5.

Music and Atmosphere at Terminal 5

There are so many places to see shows in New York City and it can get quite overwhelming trying to navigate the music scene. Each venue has a personality, a type of music you are likely to see when sifting through a concert calendar. Electric, Rock, and Alternative Rock artists typically take the stage at Terminal 5.

The crowd is usually courteous, the artists aren’t the types who encourage heavy pushing/flooding to the front or aggressive moshing. This venue is also an ideal one to see an artist who you know little-to-nothing about. The Bowery Presents doesn’t disappoint when it comes to booking artists, and tickets aren’t over priced. Filled with dedicated fans, music enthusiasts, and zealous performers, the camaraderie that takes place in Terminal 5 is definitely an experience.

Terminal 5 Tickets

If there’s one thing that the owners of Terminal 5 (The Bowery Presents) does right, it’s that they make it easy to see if events at Terminal 5 are sold out or not.

But you and I know that even if tickets are ‘sold out”, you can always get tickets. If your event is sold out, get a discount by entering your email below and then buy tickets without any service charges here: no fee Terminal 5 tickets.

Seating Chart Breakdown

The Terminal 5 venue has three floors in total, and although 80% of concerts are GA, there’s still a lot to know about the Terminal 5 floor plan even for these General Admission events.

For example, the 2nd floor (also called the “mezzanine”) often has one side of the floor reserved for VIP tickets. The 2nd floor VIP or mezzanine tickets are usually just for the artists’ family and friends, so unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy these tickets for most shows. However, you can always try to talk your way into the VIP lounge.

When you’re looking to buy regular GA tickets, don’t be turned off by the fact that sellers list their tickets differently and ask for different prices, such as GA, Floor GA, Floor General Admission, Main Floor GA, GA Standing, etc., these are all the same tickets, with access to all of the same places.

On the third floor, there are couches and seats for people to sit down. Rarely is there space to stand at the rail on the 3rd floor because it’s hard to see the stage from the couches and seats there is often room to sit. Plus, there are TVs that are broadcasting the Terminal 5 concert live on the 3rd floor.

There’s also an outdoor rooftop, which is almost always open (even during the winter). This rooftop is accessible from the 3rd floor and there’s also a bar here in-season . Regardless of the weather, it’s worth a visit!

Terminal 5 Seating Chart Floorplan

Where to Stand at Terminal 5

Unlike some GA venues, it pays to get to Terminal 5 early. That’s because if you get here early, you can claim a spot on the 2nd or 3rd balcony that overlooks the stage without anyone standing in front of you.

However, if you are like me and don’t run on time, here’s my advice to you…

When you first walk in, you’ll go through a long walkway before entering the venue where the concert takes place. There’s a staircase immediately on your right side, so if you have a coat or a bag, you’ll want to go up this staircase to use their coat check (I think they may charge $3 or so, but it’s worth it if you have a big bag, or if you just want to be a little less encumbered).  Also, on the 2nd floor you’ll find the largest bar with the shortest line.

If you don’t need a coat check or are just anxious for a drink, you’ll find a temporary bar (on your left hand side) upon your entrance into the main floor of Terminal 5. There’s also a bar in the back of the ground floor that serves drinks fairly quickly.

If you want to watch the concert on the main floor, here’s what I suggest (especially when it’s crowded):Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifia at Terminal 5

  1. Stand near or against the wall to the left of the temporary bar (leave room so people can pass)
  2. There’s a column supporting the 2nd floor balcony on the main floor, go here.
  3. When facing the stage, there’s often room just to the right side, although the angle is extreme you can get really close and it’s typically not too crowded.

Move around, enjoy the environment & find what works best for you. Just try not to find yourself in no man’s land where people are often walking – this is obvious – but I find people get to a place and then don’t want to move (this is only understandable if you get close to the stage or have a spot on the rail of one of the balcony floors).

Staircase Locations at Terminal 5

If you are looking for stairs know, that there are four different staircases, but only two that go to the 3rd floor. They are located:

  1. On the right hand side when you first walk in (for the first 2 floors)
  2. On the left hand side when you first walk in (for the first 2 floors)
  3. On the complete opposite side of the stage (in the back, on the left hand side)
  4. On the complete opposite side of the stage (in the back, on the right hand side)

Restaurants and Bars Nearby Terminal 5

The Green door is the closest bar and certainly provides you with a scene that will get you ready for a concert (600 W 57th St between West St & 11th Ave).

If you’re looking for a nicer place to get a bite to eat or just a more low key drink, Stecchino, is my favorite place in the area. This is a 10-minute walk from Terminal 5, but I live in the area and it’s definitely worth it compared to some of the other options.

Terminal 5 Address

610 W 56th St  New York, NY 10019 (between 11th and 12 avenue)

Terminal 5 Phone Number

 (212) 582-6600

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How to Get Cheaper Terminal 5 Tickets

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