The Chainsmokers Continue to Dominate Without a Debut Album

After spending yet another week at the top of Billboard’s 100, The Chainsmokers have yet again been asked the question of whether or not they’ll release a full studio album anytime soon. The Chainsmokers, consisting of duo Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, have achieved immense success considering their career has been comprised of randomly released singles. So, if Platinum recognition is attainable without putting in the work for a whole body of material, are The Chainsmokers doing the right thing by releasing high quality singles at an infrequent pace? Or are they employing a model that isn’t built to last?

“Closer”, feat. Halsey, is entering its fifth week at the No. 1 spot. Halsey, undeniably one of the best new artists out there, helped The Chainsmokers pull off their winning formula of pop music yet again: ascending female vocals with a mid-tempo break-down, usually adorned by upbeat EDM sounds, and the voice of Alex Pall acting as a bridge. Their success began two and a half years ago with the release of “#Selfie”, an electro-house single that has been compared to the viral success of Bauuer’s “Harlem Shake”, and even reached the No. 19 spot on the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart. According to the duo, the acclaim garnered by “#Selfie” was completely unexpected. But it allowed them to be a part of the EDM festival circuit for a year or so, allowing them the traction they needed to release more pop-style hits, such as “Roses”.

The ChainsmokersThe release of “Roses”, followed by the release of “Don’t Let Me Down”, confirmed that The Chainsmokers were heading in a different direction, more mainstream than the EDM heavy “#Selfie” suggested. And without any full albums to their name, The Chainsmokers could remain happily and freely unmoored to enter any genre they felt confident in. But as their fame continues to climb, The Chainsmokers can’t enter any interview without being asked about the possibility of a full album release. In response, The Chainsmokers took to Twitter:

“Every interview we do these days asks us about a potential album,” the duo tweeted. “We always say we would love to but it’s up to our fans if they want one.”

“We will always continue to release music. But an album is something different,” they continued. “Something more complete that reflects a time in our lives. An album is a big deal, not just a compilation of random singles, that’s how we see it. But if u all start making some noise for one.. Well.”

The ChainsmokersSo, it seems as if they are leaving it up to the fans. Riding the waves of hit singles has it’s perks too, and it’s obviously the safer and less time/resource consuming option. “It would suck to put out 12 songs and have people be like, ‘What’s the single?’” Pall says. It’s unfair to expect that The Chainsmokers necessarily need to produce a hit single if they were to release a full album, especially since they’ve already released six hit singles in their short careers. But the pressure is understandable.

After sending those tweets, fan support for The Chainsmokers has been overwhelming, so we hope they take time to listen to their adoring public and take the possibility of a full record more seriously. Even if we don’t see it in 2016, we think there is definitely a debut record from The Chainsmokers in the future.


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