It looks like The Chainsmokers, who have largely evaded answering the media in regards to if they will ever put together a full length LP despite their increasingly popular hit singles such as “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down“, have officially confirmed that they will be out with a new album this year. It looks like Coldplay jumped the gun in announcing their excitement for The Chainsmokers long-awaited LP, and the tweet was quickly followed up by a confirmation from the “Paris duo”.

The Chainsmokers will also be embarking on a massive arena tour through 40 North American Cities beginning April 13th in Miami. The ‘Memories: Do Not Open’ 2017 Tour will run until June 10th. The Chainsmokers will be supported by opening acts Kiiara and Emily Warren. Both female singers fall in the pop/ EDM genre, so we think this tour is going to be amazing from the start to finish of each show. The Chainsmokers are definitely withholding modesty when talking about their tour plans. According to the tour announcement, The Chainsmokers will be using new production techniques to put on what they’ve called “the most amazing show ever”.

The ChainsmokersThough we’re unsure how close The Chainsmokers can come to their own expectations, the ‘Memories: Do Not Open’ Tour definitely be their best performances to date, each concert consisting of a live show + DJ set. Plus, those of you who purchase tickets for The Chainsmokers’ upcoming tour will also receive physical copies of the new album. That’s a pretty great deal for fans of the contagious, hit-making EDM duo.

You can purchase tickets to The Chainsmokers ‘Memories: Do Not Open’ Arena Tour on Friday, February 3rd, at 10 AM EST. But if you are eligible for the AT&T Presale, you can get your tickets now. Considering the enormity of this tour, the popularity of The Chainsmokers, and the pending release of their debut LP—which we anticipate to drop sometime before the ‘Memories: Do Not Open’ Tour kicks off on April 13th—we suggest purchasing concert tickets soon. And if you’re unsuccessful on TicketMaster, check out our inventory of The Chainsmokers tickets!

Here is the announcement for The Chainsmokers upcoming album and ‘Memories: Do Not Disturb’ Tour:

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