The Preakness Stakes Seating Chart | Pimlico Race Course

The Preakness Stakes has been held at the historic Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland since 1870. With a capacity of nearly 110,000, fans of thoroughbred horse racing pack it out yearly for the second leg, or “Middle Jewel” of horse racing’s triple crown, which follows the Kentucky Derby and precedes the Belmont Stakes.

Below you will find a detailed Preakness Stakes seating chart that includes a breakdown of the different sections, the best seats at the Preakness Stakes, infield general admission details, Dresscode and What to Wear at The Preakness Stakes and everything in between. Plus, you can purchase no fee Preakness Stakes tickets from TickPick, the no only fee ticket marketplace.

Pimlico Race Course Seating Chart

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Interactive Pimlico Race Course Seating Chart

Infield Seating at Preakness Stakes | Pimlico Race Course

The Infield General Admission, or “Infieldfest” tickets at the Preakness Stakes is where the party’s at. The crowd is mainly college students and fans in their early-to-mid 20s, coolers are permitted, and tens of thousands of people pack in to one of the best day-drinking events of the year. What’s even better is that these Infieldfest tickets provide you with all day entertainment in the form of a music festival that takes place right in the infield, which will be headlined this year by DJs like Kygo and Diplo, and hip-hop star and Maryland native Logic.

Their famous Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail (named after Maryland’s state flower) isn’t exactly cheap, so many opt to pack coolers full of beer to go along with their $89-139 dollar ticket. If you’re looking for other ways to get the best value, MUG Club tickets grant you general admission access to all InfieldFest party areas, and tickets include a souvenir mug that allows for a bottomless pour on ALL BEER at MUG Club filling stations. You can’t see the race from the infield, and by the end of the day most of the grass has turned to mud, so if you’re worried about your nice outfit getting muddy, this is not the place for you.

Clubhouse Seating at Preakness Stakes | Pimlico Race Course

Clubhouse seating is broken up into both Clubhouse Box and Clubhouse Turn Reserved and Turn Suite seating. The Clubhouse Box goes 40 rows deep, and is positioned just after the finish line, offering an exciting perspective for the race’s photo finish. All Clubhouse seating grants fans access to InfieldFest and nearby food & beverage concessions.

The Clubhouse seating at the Preakness Stakes contains sections 111-119, 312-321, and Mezzanine sections 212, 218, 220. The Clubhouse seating is positioned much closer to the Finish Line, Winner Circle, and the First Turn. Unlike the Grandstand, the Clubhouse has full seats in boxes, which typically contain 6 seats. There are eight seat boxes in the 3rd floor Finish Line area, which are some of the most expensive seats at the Derby.

The 3rd Floor boxes gives the best view, including better amenities (more bathrooms and better food and beverage options), but the 1st floor is more festive and lively as it is closer to the track. What is unique about the Clubhouse seating at the Preakness Stakes is that you can always move down from your level or floor. For example, if you have a ticket to the 3rd floor, you have access to the 2nd and 1st floors including Grandstand sections as well.

Concourse Seating at the Preakness Stakes | Pimlico Race Course

Concourse seating is located along the homestretch between the starting gate and the 1/16th pole. The Concourse Box and Concourse Apron Box (29-102) are each outdoors on the first level of the venue, while the Concourse Reserved section is located on Level 2 and is covered, for those looking to have protection from the elements if the weather isn’t agreeable.

Grandstand Seating at Preakness Stakes | Pimlico Race Course

The Grandstand Seating at the Preakness Stakes contains sections Grandstand Upper Reserved, Grandstand Apron Box (Boxes 1-90 are available), Grandstand Upper Box, and Grandstand Lower Box. All Grandstand seating includes access to InfieldFest, as well as nearby wagering and concessions.

Aside from the Infield, these are the cheapest seats at the Preakness Stakes. Cheap of course is a relative term when discussing Preakness Stakes tickets, so face value prices range from $135-385 dollars, depending on how close the section is to the Finish Line. Unlike other seating areas, you cannot move to other sections of Pimlico Race Course with Grandstand tickets.

The Grandstand Upper Reserved and Grandstand Upper Box sections are indoors, so if you’re looking for an escape from the rain or sun, this is a good value.

The Grandstand Lower Box offers fans the most captivating views that are the closest to the finish line of all Grandstand seating.

Premium Seating at Preakness Stakes | Pimlico Race Course

The Clubhouse Turn Reserved seating is located on the venue’s first level, is outdoors, and is covered, so you’re protected from the elements while still being able to be close to the action in the open air. The Hall of Fame Dining Room tickets grant fans an elegant buffet experience, first-class seating in the dining room within an indoor clubhouse area.

The Sports Palace Dining Room is a climate-controlled area on the concourse level with over 50 HD TV screens, an all-inclusive luncheon, open beer & wine bar, and is nearby wagering windows. It offers a great, elevated view of the finish line. The Terrace Dining Room includes four-star dining while overlooking the track on its second level, and the Sports Palace Reserved seating area in front of the Terrace Dining Room gives fans the best elevated view from just above the finish line.

The Turfside Terrace is an indoor seating area just off of the Race Course’s turf track in the Preakness Village area. Seats from right up on the action are available for purchase as a table of 10 OR individual tickets, while supplies last. These premium seats include an all-inclusive gourmet luncheon, access to an open beer & wine bar, allow for access to the Maker’s Mark Lounge, as well as yard games.

The Turf Club Tents allow for a purchase of a table of 10 or individual tickets, and it includes an all-inclusive gourmet luncheon, all-inclusive premium open bar as well as access to specialty bars, a jazz quartet, and every purchase of 2 tickets comes with convenient Clubhouse parking. This is the most lavish way to enjoy a high-end outdoor experience at the Preakness Stakes.

The seating in these areas is 8 per table, which includes waiter/waitress service and access to full bar. In order to view the races these area have access to a balcony overlooking to the track. Millionaires row boasts a more modern feel with more TV’s, is set up like a large dining hall, and is positioned with a more direct view of the finish line. The Sky Terrace is more of a long, narrow room with two rows of tables, situated beyond the finish line at the cusp of the first turn.

5201 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215

Preakness Parking at Pimlico Race course

Fortunately for fans making the trip to the Preakness Stakes, there are plenty of parking lots available. Reference the parking map below that includes the locations of all reserved and day-of parking lots at Pimlico Race Course.

Some things to note are that handicapped parking is located at the Rogers Lot (“R” in brown), and that the Triangle Lot (#5 in red) is cash only.

How to Get the Cheapest Preakness Stakes Tickets

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