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Like all jobs, and people in the world, you have good ones and bad ones, the same holds true for ticket brokersTickPick aggregates over a thousand ticket brokers across the United States and guarantees the authenticity of the tickets. Plus consumers get access to wholesale ticket prices at a modest markup of 10%, which is 10-15% less than industry standards.

Expert Tip: When you call a ticket broker, they’re going to be looking at a “broker board”, which shows them other brokers inventory that they can sell. The likely hood that you’ll speak with the broker who owns the tickets (that you’re interested in) is about 0.1%. Thus, the broker who you speak with, will likely mark the tickets up by 15% to 25%.

Read what our users have to say: you decide, buy tickets with no service fees on TickPick or call a ticket broker?

How Ticket Brokers Get Tickets

Typically, the name ‘ticket broker’ has a negative connotation, I don’t think that should be the case, but that’s besides the point. When trying to understand how ticket brokers buy their tickets it’s important to know that the way ticket brokers work, has completely changed over the last 10 to 15 years.

Traditional ticket brokers (the ones who have been around for 20 to 30 years) have developed numerous relationships to get tickets at face value, to then flip for a profit.

Sports Ticket Brokers

The most traditional way for ticket brokers to get tickets is by dealing with individual season ticket holders. Brokers have two standard types of agreements with season ticket holders:

  1. Outright purchase the tickets at 20% above face value (this is negotiable depending on the sports team and the sports ticket broker).
  2. Consignment: which means there’s no guarantee that the season ticket holder will get paid, but if the tickets do sell they will typically receive 50% of the profit.

Other valuable relationships for sports ticket brokers are ones with, any of the following people:
Ticket sales representatives for sports team | General Managers | Owners | Other executives

You may wonder why sports teams would sell tickets straight to ticket brokers. There’s one logical reason: the ticket broker business is based on buying and selling tickets, that’s not going to change. So from a business and sales perspective, if you take care of ticket brokers and develop relationships with them, they are going to buy tickets even when your local franchise isn’t doing well.

Concert Ticket Brokers

Ticket brokers that are focused on the music scene are generally located in major cities, such as Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta. Ticket brokers who focus on concerts, get their tickets in a few different ways, here they are:

  1. Online via Fan Clubs, Presales and General Onsales
  2. Directly from the Box Office or a TicketMaster Outlet
  3. Industry Connections
    • Relationships with promoters
    • Relationships with the artists and or their management
    • Relationships with the venue

Although there’s a face value printed on the tickets, it’s very likely that even the ticket broker didn’t pay that price. That’s because behind closed doors brokers cut deals with industry insiders to get access to the best seats. However, they pay a premium for these seats: brokers may pay 3x-5x above face value for some of the best seats in the house in hopes to resell them for even more. Alternatively, brokers may work out a profit share plan where they are 50 / 50 partners.

Lastly, there are a handful of online ticket brokers that use “bots” to buy tickets in bulk. This is done with software which apparently outsmarts TicketMaster’s security systems and buys ups loads of tickets before consumers are able to. Although the media makes it sound like every ticket broker utilizes bots, this is not true, based on some research we have done, roughly 5-10% of online ticket brokers utilize this type of ticket broker software.

A List of Ticket Brokers by State and City

As stated above, TickPick is a ticket marketplace, where users can buy, bid and sell tickets. The bulk of the ticket inventory is from ticket brokers, which took TickPick over two years to aggregate some 1,000+ ticket brokers. Still to this day, we continue to call on smaller brokers to continue to increase our ticket inventory.

Our suggestion to you, is to search for the event that you are interested in buying tickets to, on TickPick. Otherwise you’ll end up calling five different ticket brokers to get prices, after that you’ll have to try and negotiate and hackle with them. I am the founder of TickPick and even if I call a broker, it’s highly unlikely they’ll give us additional discounts. Plus if for whatever reason a problem arises with the ticket broker, you’ll no longer have a 3rd party in the to help you solve those problems. Nonetheless, if you are inclined to call, feel free to utilize any of the ticket brokers below.


Atlanta Ticket Brokers

Empire Tickets Atlanta GA 800-725-0112
Ultra Tickets Atlanta GA 800-927-7839
Encore Tickets Atlanta GA 404-365-0555
Peachtree Tickets (GA) Atlanta GA 770-391-9600
Smooth Tickets Atlanta GA 404-374-1150
Front Row Seats LLC. Atlanta GA 404-633-2726
Game Day Events Atlanta GA 404-432-9654
Will Call Tix and Courier Atlanta GA 404-271-4127
Tickets In Seconds Atlanta GA 800-792-8499
Pioneer Tickets Atlanta GA 770-516-6606
PSI Atlanta GA 404-941-3969

Austin Ticket Brokers

Ticket City Austin TX 800-521-9616
IceTickets.com Austin TX 800-478-1468
M and D Holdings Austin TX 866-850-3805
Namesake Tickets Austin TX 512-494-1420
QTickets Austin TX 734-476-3752

Boston Ticket Brokers

Ace Tickets Boston MA 800-697-3287
Top Star Tickets Abington MA 781-982-8046
Bostonian Tickets Boston MA 978-988-2100
South Shore Ticket Agency Marshfield MA 781-837-4020

Chicago Ticket Brokers

JustGreatTickets.com Chicago IL 773-467-7000 / 877 467 2827
Tysen Tickets Chicago IL 312-726-0021
AAA Tix (CHI) Chicago IL 773-549-7676
Northshore Ticket Connection Chicago IL 847-679-7788
Gold Coast Chicago IL 800-889-9100
Classic Ticket Service Chicago IL 312-431-8222
The Ticket Zone (IL) Chicago IL 773-276-9112
Prime Time Tickets Chicago IL 773-388-3800
Teds Tickets Chicago IL 773-419-8499
Redline Tickets Inc. Chicago IL 773-342-8497
Classic Ticket Service 2 Chicago IL 773-880-2161
National Event Partners Chicago IL 312-485-7880
Leave It To Us Events Chicago IL 312-853-0300
VIP Sports Marketing Chicago IL 312-951-0700
Tickets321.com Chicago IL 888-622-9500
Crosstown Tickets Chicago IL 312-476-9849
Center Stage Ticket Service Chicago IL 773-233-8686
FSG Ventures Chicago IL 646-504-7395
Remembertickets.com Chicago IL 773-853-2994

Dallas Ticket Brokers

Ticket Attractions Dallas TX 800-341-6660
Metro Tickets (TX) Dallas TX 800-463-0888
Ticket Source (TX) Dallas TX 214-821-9011
Ticket Source (TX) (NRT) Dallas TX 800-557-6872
Ticket Finders Dallas TX 800-345-0819
Texas Tickets Dallas TX 800-926-2025

Denver Ticket Brokers

Denver Ticket Co Denver CO 888-868-9938
JC Tickets Denver CO 720-299-6352

Houston Ticket Brokers

Ticket Stop Houston TX 713-526-8889
TicketConnection.com (TX) Houston TX 713-524-3600
A-1 Tickets (Houston) Houston TX 888-895-3060
Northside Tickets Houston TX 281-447-8833
AnyTickets.com Houston TX 866-516-0200
H-Town Tickets Houston TX 713-665-8100

Indianapolis Ticket Brokers

Front Row Tickets (Indianapolis) Indianapolis IN 317-255-3220
Great Seats Company Inc Indianapolis IN 800-407-9058
Circle City Indianapolis IN 800-627-1334
Sport Events LLC Indianapolis IN 317-299-4444
Event Ticket Authority Indianapolis IN 317-251-5500
Preferred Tickets and Tours Indianapolis IN 800-925-2500

Kansas City Ticket Brokers

Ticket Boat Kansas City MO 480-776-5420
Big Red Sports Travel LLC Kansas City MO 913-871-0040
posnetBrokerTest Kansas City MO (816) 555-5555

Las Vegas Ticket Brokers

VIP Tickets (NV) Las Vegas NV 702-895-7555
Nevada Ticket Service Las Vegas NV 800-597-7469
TicketMart Las Vegas NV (702) 951-9341

Los Angeles Ticket Brokers

Jimmys Tickets Los Angeles CA 323-662-1800
Global Event Forum Los Angeles CA 310-770-3160
Avery Tickets Los Angeles CA 213-747-5556
TicketsToTheShow.com Los Angeles CA 888-681-6084
VIP Event Tickets Los Angeles CA 323-380-8499
Barrys Tickets Los Angeles CA 800-752-2333

Miami Ticket Brokers

Main Event Tickets Miami FL 305-932-6922
Biglietto Entertainment Miami FL 305-571-8433
Tickets By Gus Miami FL 305-898-4276
SeatSnob.com Miami FL 855-732-8766
EveryTicket.com Miami Beach FL 800-928-7328
TakeMeToTheGame.Com Miami Beach FL 866-431-0909
Great Seats Miami Miami Beach FL 305-395-4488

Milwaukee Ticket Brokers

Ticket King (Milw) Milwaukee WI 800-334-5434
Connections Ticket Service Milwaukee WI 888-999-8497

New York – Ticket Brokers NYC

Great Seats (NY) New York NY 212-302-1643
Americana Tickets (NY) New York NY 212-581-6660
Applause Tickets (NY) New York NY 800-451-9930
Broadway Hospitality New York NY 212-977-7058
National Event Company New York NY 212-792-8640
Inside Sports and Ent Group New York NY 646-453-8820
Admit One – Ticket Gallery New York NY 646-307-4285
Allshows.com New York NY 203-983-3600

Phoenix Ticket Brokers

Western States Ticket Service Phoenix AZ 602-254-3300
Ticket Exchange (AZ) Phoenix AZ 602-254-4444
Ticket Lobster Phoenix AZ 602-268-0600
RT Ticket Company Phoenix AZ 800-505-4248

Pittsburgh Ticket Brokers

Prime Time Tickets (PA) Pittsburgh PA 800-200-8111
All American Events Pittsburgh PA 800-270-6457

San Antonio Ticket Brokers

Best Tickets San Antonio TX 210-349-0317
Prime Seat Tickets San Antonio TX 800-550-7556
TicketWholesaler.com San Antonio TX 210-344-1995
A Awesome Ticket San Antonio TX 800-707-2714
First Choice Tickets (TX) San Antonio TX 210-822-6100
Great Tickets Inc. San Antonio TX 800-701-6561

San Diego Ticket Brokers

Premier Spectator Tickets San Diego CA 619-295-7000
Atlas Tickets San Diego CA 619-222-7800
Ultimate Ticket Shop San Diego CA 562-612-3426
Event Ticket Source San Diego CA 858-592-0500
Advance Tickets San Diego CA 800-776-8497
IWantGreatSeats.com San Diego CA 858-674-6145

San Francisco Ticket Brokers

Golden Gate San Francisco CA 415-434-9333
San Francisco Box Office, Inc San Francisco CA 415-495-4400
Mr Ticket (CA) San Francisco CA 415-775-3031

 St. Louis Ticket Brokers

VIP Access Tickets St Louis MO 855-373-0857
The Ticket Block St Louis MO 855-761-7676
Pete”s Seats St Louis MO 314-329-7328

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