Our First Post | Welcome to the TickPick Blog!

This is a really exciting development for all of us here at TickPick and I’m proud to write our inaugural blog post.  A WordPress blog has been the hallmark of legitimacy and coolness on the internet and bringing something like this to the ticketing world is a pioneering step fit for TickPick to take.

We’ve already done so much to change the way the secondary ticket market works with our super secret algorithms to power all of our unique features and this blog serves to spread the word, and return power in the ticketing market back to the consumers.

So what should you expect from here?  Well… being the young one here, you should expect my shenanigans to balance out with Brett and Chris‘s rather lower degree of shenanigan-ing.  We’ll post about upcoming updates, changes and cool stuff that matters about ticketing or TickPick or just cool stuff about upcoming events!

I’d like to think of this blog as the party end of the business 😉

Signing Out,

Josh Click

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