What Food to Get at Truist Park for Atlanta Braves Games

Atlanta’s baseball season is in full swing, and fans visit Truist Park for more than just the games themselves. Fans of the Braves have access to one of the most varied and expansive selections of ballpark cuisine. You shouldn’t miss the Atlanta Braves stadium food so keep reading to find out more.

Truist Park is one of the many MLB stadium with awesome food options. Great ballpark food is now park of baseball culture. For more information on the Atlanta Braves food menu, continue reading. If you’re looking for some general information on seating in Truist Park while you’re perusing through this article, take time to look at our useful Atlanta Braves Seating Chart Guide.

Truist Park Food Map and Guide

See the diagram of this baseball stadium below to determine where to discover this year’s greatest meals at Truist Park. We have included the locations of all the top concessions to make it simple for you to find the ballpark cuisine of your choice.

Truist Park Signature Food 2022

There are some Atlanta Braves new food options and we give you a rundown of the best. If an exchange of some game action for top-tier food is a worthy tradeoff to you, we got some perfect picks ready for you to choose from. First up, stop by the Blooper Burger (Section 113). They serve top tier cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and some tasty chicken sandwiches as well. The classic ballpark food!

If you’re more of a waffle person, head to Waffle House to get yourself some classic waffles with syrup and even hashbrowns to top it all off. All of this can be found in Section 311.

What to Drink At Truist Park

When looking for something to drink at Truist Park, beer is always a fantastic choice. Remember that every baseball location offers a wide selection of local beers. Now, if you’re wondering “How much is a beer at a Braves game?” we can tell you now that it’s usually around $10 for a 16 oz. can, with premium brands being slightly pricier.

The Best Dessert at Truist Park

Baseball fans are known for getting some extravagant dessert at the ballgame. So here are the best desserts at a Braves game. In Centerfield Market, King of Pops sells delectable popsicle sticks that are naturally flavored.

Alternatively, if you like ice cream, visit Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream (Section 139 and 159). And trust us, there’s more, just look around.

The Best Quesadilla at Truist Park

If you’re a big lover of the exquisite quesadilla, which is made with cheese, chicken, tortillas, and butter, we can tell you right away that we have the perfect selection for you. Make sure to pick up a Double Play Quesadilla from the Taco Factory (Section 313 and 151). With salsas roja and verde, pico de gallo, and lime crema, this dish is loaded with smoked chicken. It’s a ballpark favorite!

Healthy Food Options at Truist Park

Truist Park has upgraded their food offering to make sure vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free folks have food options. This food can be found at the Centerfield Market (Section 149). Additionally, the park is filled with a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free selections like Nachos, Fries, Nuts, Popcorn, and more wherever you head.

Fruit Bowls with Fresh Fruit can be located in a bunch of sections, so you can definitely satisfy your fruit cravings somewhere. Sections 109, 149, 155, 212, and 242 all have fruit bowls.

Can You Take Food Into a Braves Game?

When deciding whether to bring your own food or snacks to the stadium, keep in mind the Atlanta Braves Food and Drink Policy, according to their official website, “Fans will be able to bring food inside of Truist Park as long as it fits inside a clear, gallon-sized plastic bag and may also bring a sealed plastic bottle of water.”

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