Monster Jam is one of the most popular family events in the United States. Kids love seeing these powerful machines in action. However for the parents buying the tickets, there is very little information on where you should sit for  Monster Jam. Here we will breakdown to pros and cons to each level of seating at Monster Jam, for both indoor and outdoor venues, including where the best Monster Jam seats are, plus cheap Monster Jam Tickets.

Monster Jam Seating – Indoor Venue

When Monster Jam is hosted at an indoor venue the fans in attendance will be closer to the action. The best seats for Monster Jam will be in the lower level closest to the center of the venue (where center court or ice would be).

Monster Jam Seating – Outdoor Venue

When Monster Jam is hosted an outdoor venue the seats in the lower level will be a bit farther back from the action, making it a bit tougher to see all the truck. For outdoor venues the best seats will be in the mid tier sections as close to center of the venue (where midfield of the 50 yard line would be)

Lower Level Seating

Pros – Closest seats to the action makes for an unforgettable experience, especially seats in the first 5 rows.

Cons – Noisier than upper level, can be a bit dusty from the dirt being kicked up. May want ear plugs for small children.

Upper Level seating

Pros – Less noise from the trucks, added height of the seats allow for a better view of the entire track at outdoor venues.

Cons – Further from the action, which can make the trucks seem much smaller than they really are, taking away from the overall experience.

Monster Jam Ticket Discounts

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Monster Jam Schedule


January 4-5Birmingham, AL
January 10-11Greensboro, NC
January 17-19Kansas City, MO
January 25-26Washington, DC
January 31-February 2Providence, RI
February 7-8Greenville, SC
February 14-16Wilkes-Barre, PA
February 21-23Allentown, PA
February 28 – March 1Baltimore, MD


January 3-4Salt Lake City, UT
January 10-12Tacoma, WA
January 17-19Sacramento, CA
January 25-26Winnipeg, MB
January 31-February 1Fargo, ND
February 7-9Denver, CO
February 15-16Oklahoma City, OK
February 21-23Spokane, WA
February 29 – March 1Portland, OR
March 6-8Fresno, CA


January 4-5Nashville, TN
January 10-11Charlotte, NC
January 18-19Milwaukee, WI
January 24-26Newark, NJ
January 31-February 2Uniondale, NY
February 7-9Pittsburgh, PA
February 15-16Cleveland, OH
February 28-March 2Rosemont, IL
March 20-22Grand Rapids, MI
March 28-29Fresno, CA
April 18-19Hamilton, ON
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