Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Purpose Tour?

Justin Bieber announced this afternoon via Facebook that he is cancelling the remaining dates on his “Purpose” world tour. However, Bieber failed to mention a reason for the cancellation, noting only “unforseen circumstances”. Unnamed sources are saying that Justin was “just over it.”

But for a star as big as Bieber to leave all that money on the table simply because he was over it doesn’t add up. While tabloids will speculate all the personal reasons for Biebers abrupt cancellation, the real reason might be much simpler. His Purpose tour wasn’t selling like he and his management team thought it would.

In most cities there were thousands of tickets still available for purchase directly from Ticketmaster at face value. Bieber and his camp undoubtedly knew this, and the possibility of performing in front of a crowd that might resemble that of a weekday baseball game isn’t something a world famous artist is interested in.

While Justin Bieber fans are devastated, sellers and brokers who were holding inventory for this tour are breathing a sigh of relief. In most cities, tickets were selling on the secondary market for well below face value, and still trending downward. This move saves those sellers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Bieber is the second high profile artist to cancel concerts in the middle of a tour. Adele also cancelled the remaining dates on her tour, but her reason was health related. So why did he cancel his tour? Because Justin Beiber tickets weren’t selling? We don’t know this for sure, but that’s our hunch.


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