Will Chance the Rapper Tour in 2019?

It’s nearly here. Chance the Rapper is getting ready to drop his first official studio album, titled The Big Day. We’re not calling it a debut because Chance has been on the scene for quite some time now. We’ve known what he’s about since his first mixtape, 2012’s 10 Day. We’ve been fascinated and enlivened since 2013’s Acid Rap. And we’ve been outright hooked since 2016’s Coloring Book. 

The Big Day is officially out July 26, and is currently available for pre-order.

Back in May, Chance the Rapper revealed to Zane Lowe of Beats 1 Radio that his forthcoming album is largely inspired by his engagement to Kirsten Corley.

“The whole album has been inspired by the day that I got married and how I was dancing that day…It was the hardest I ever danced in my life and I’m a great longtime dancer. Everything in it is all the different styles of music that make me want to dance and remind me of that day and remind me of that night and all those people that were there.”

Not much else is known about Chance’s forthcoming studio album, who he collaborated with, whose bars will be riding alongside his, which producers dropped the beats. But fans should get ready to dance on July 26, when The Big Day finally arrives. And here’s another reason to start dancing: Chance the Rapper will most likely tour in 2019.

Why wouldn’t he? After an incredibly successful and explosive “Coloring Book World Tour”, Chance the Rapper fans have been champing at the bit for another concert experience from the energetic maestro. Though he’s been tight-lipped about his plans to tour behind The Big Day, we don’t think Chance would drop his first official studio album without a tour to boot.

So fans, brace your wallets and be at the ready, because Chance the Rapper is destined to release his tour schedule any day now. And get your The Big Day pre-order now, so you can be at the ready to dance along with all of his joyous people on July 26.

As of now, you can catch Chance the Rapper at the following music festivals in 2019:

Life is Beautiful

iHeart Radio Music Festival

Miami Beach Pop Festival

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