WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia – Predictions, Match Card

We’re getting ready for some action down under! Several of these WWE Super Show-Down matches have been hyped up for weeks on Raw and Smackdown, but there’s still room for a few surprises. Here’s the match card so far, as well as our predictions on the winners.

The Undertaker vs. Triple H.

We’ve been talking this one for quite a while and we’ve even had appearances by the two legends on weeknight WWE. Heck, Sean Michaels showed up to plug the event too, getting into a confrontation with The Undertaker. It’s gonna be fun. The Deadman is super intimidating, Triple H has the charisma, and don’t forget, Kane is gonna be there too! We expect there will be some drama and potentially an interference or two, but Triple H will likely come out on top. We just don’t see him going down yet. TBD if the Heartbreak Kid will be there, but uh, he is on the poster so…


AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship

Oh man, the build-up to this one has been intense and personal, especially after Samoa Joe appeared to go to the Styles household this week on Raw. These two had a match at SummerSlam and then again at Hell in a Cell, but hopefully this title match in Australia will settle things once and for all… not that we haven’t enjoyed the feuding. We think Styles will take it. Wonder if his wife Wendy will be there?


The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre

If these past few weeks on Raw are anything to go by, this match should be an all-out brawl. Spurred on by the Reigns-Strowman match at Hell in a Cell and Strowman’s recent heel turn and partnership with Ziggler and McIntyre, the Dogs of War will finally get the chance to fight as a team within the confines of the ring. But where does Dean Ambrose fit in after this week’s Raw? As much as we want the Shield to win, we have a nagging feeling that it might just be the heels that win this one. Gotta keep up that rivalry until Strowman, Reigns, and Brock Lesnar meet up in Saudi Arabia, right?


Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

These two women are gonna have a rematch that follows Flair’s win at SummerSlam and Becky Lynch’s win at Hell in a Cell. Lynch has made an excellent heel in the past few weeks and the crowd rallies around her like a modern-day Stone Cold Steve Austin. We think she’ll solidify her position as SmackDown Women’s Champ with this win against her former friend Charlotte Flair.


Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match

They haven’t been feuding for long, but after the Riott Squad’s attack on Natalya, we expect Rousey will want revenge on behalf of her best friend. The Bella Twins are finally back in action and could really use the spotlight. We think the babyfaces will take this match, but maybe something interesting and shady will happen on the outside of the ring. (After all, where’s Alexa Bliss?) Rousey hasn’t lost yet though, so we think it’d be weird for her first loss to come in tag team match like this.


The New Day vs. The Bar for the SmackDown Tag Team Title

The pancake-eating, fun-loving trio will take on The Bar at WWE Super Shown-Down after battling them solo a couple of times recently. Despite losses by Big E and Kofi Kingston to each of their big opponents, Cesaro and Sheamus, on SmackDown, we think it’s merely a misdirection. It’ll be a tough match but we believe the New Day will prevail. They can’t be champs forever, but the crowd loves them right now!


Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz for the No. 1 Contender Spot for the WWE Championship

This again. Hopefully, we’ll get a clean match in Melbourne and figure out who’s really the man. After multiple matches and feuding with and without their wives, The Miz and former protege Daniel Bryan will battle one on one. And at least this match matters because it’s for more than just bragging rights – the winner gets a shot at the WWE Championship. Miz says he plans to win at all costs and thinks that in order for Bryan to take it, he’ll have to sacrifice his morals. Will he…? Don’t expect this rivalry to end here, as rumor has it this storyline could extend to WrestleMania. We think Bryan wins. The fans love him and he’s been cheated too many times.


Elias and Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley and John Cena

After weeks of feuding and attacks by Kevin Owens, an explanation of why he quit and why he hates Bobby Lashley, and attempts to beat up manager Lio Rush, we’ll finally see KO get to Lashley. But what is John Cena doing there? We get that it’s his reintroduction back into the WWE, but haven’t seen him over the past few weeks at all. Elias and Lashley kinda hate each other too, but wouldn’t this work better as a singles match? Uhh, we’ll go with Lashley and Cena, just because their athletic styles match up together and Cena is such a legend.


Naomi and Asuka vs. the IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay)

Ugh, does anybody else just wanna see Asuka battle solo? She used to be such a primetime player on SmackDown when she was feuding with Carmella, but this new rivalry isn’t the most interesting. We think she and Naomi will win so that her character is (hopefully) pushed forward more on future SmackDowns.


Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

We don’t know these guys that well, but the Australian and hometown hero Buddy Murphy gets another shot at the title and Cedric Alexander in this one. We’re not sure that he’ll actually capitalize on it though – some say that it’s not his time yet. What the heck, we’ll say Murphy takes the title from Alexander (with lots of cheers from the home crowd).

And don’t forget, there could always be some surprises!

Need-to-Know Details: WWE Super Show-Down takes place on October 6, live from the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia. You can watch via the WWE Network (your first month is free). The main card starts at 5AM EST, 2AM PST due to the time difference, and we’re not sure yet if there will be a kickoff show! 

Did the WWE Super Show-Down sneak up on anybody else? What are your predictions?

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