No matter where you look, football fans are talking about what Super Bowl LV Tickets cost; however, everyone references different prices. Our goal is to provide you with clear answers as to what Super Bowl ticket prices are for this year’s game in Tampa Bay, regardless if you’re a fan looking for cheap Super Bowl tickets at face value, resale value, or the cost of travel packages.

Super Bowl ticket prices can depend on a variety of different factors such as the participating teams and their fan bases, hype before and after the conference championship games, game location, and more. This year presents new wrinkles with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers becoming the first host city to play in the Super Bowl, and the Kansas City Chiefs looking to repeat. 

How to Get Super Bowl LV Tickets at Face Value

Unless you’re one of the extremely lucky season ticket holders who wins rights to tickets through the lottery the league holds every year, or know an NFL player or senior management employee, the chances of you getting face value tickets are extremely slim. However, the NFL does have a lottery system that you can enter.

With regard to the face value of Super Bowl LV tickets, we’re now seeing drastic increases in prices, which comes at no surprise. Just eight years ago, the face value of the cheapest Super Bowl tickets were selling for $325 and the most expensive tickets were going for $1,250. But the idea of face value Super Bowl ticket really no longer exists.

Now, you can buy directly from the NFL (NFL on Location). The cheapest ticket currently 9 (as of 2/5) is currently listed at $5,366.05 (after fees) and the most expensive is as high as $17,552.50 (after fees). True face value of tickets in 2021 is unknown, as those prices are printed on hard stock tickets, which have been eliminated this year in favor of mobile tickets. 

Resale Prices for Super Bowl 55 Tickets

When one is trying to understand what it really costs to buy Super Bowl tickets, it’s not an easy task. This is because there are over 20+ ticket marketplaces from which you can buy Super Bowl tickets, and each marketplace is advertising and providing data to media with their cheapest Super Bowl ticket prices as well as what their average Super Bowl ticket prices are.

In short, securing your Super Bowl tickets through TickPick is the way to save money because of our no-fee pricing structure, which saves you 10% over our major competitor, for the same seats. TickPick has seen sales for major events like the Super Bowl increase exponentially in recent years because fans out there tend to do plenty of research whenever they’re looking to commit thousands of dollars per ticket.

Why Use TickPick to Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

It’s simple, tickets for a major event like the Super Bowl LV will ultimately be cheaper on TickPick (often by hundreds or thousands of dollars) over our largest competitor on the secondary market, who charges buyers anywhere from 10-30% in service fees on top of the listed price.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices Shown on StubHub (Before Fees are Applied)

Take a look at this example of a ticket listing on both StubHub and TickPick below as of 2/5/21, which are for upper level Super Bowl LV seats in Section 337 row DD, that is among the cheapest Super Bowl ticket available. These tickets are listed on StubHub at $4,044 per seat, before fees are applied.

When a user clicks through to checkout, however, prices skyrocket to over $5332.70 per ticket, which amounts to an added service fee of over 30% at checkout!

Price at Checkout on StubHub Once Fees are Applied

Super Bowl Ticket Price on TickPick (No Fees)

Now take a look at the exact same seats that are listed on TickPick, which seem to be priced higher than they were on StubHub (at first glance).

If a user wished to purchase these exact same seats in Section 329, Row BB, a user could purchase a pair of tickets for $5,135 per ticket. That user would save a Super Bowl buyer $790.80 by purchasing these exact same upper level seats on TickPick over the same seats from a site that adds fees like StubHub.

Keep in mind that these tickets are upper level seats that are among the cheaper tickets a user can buy just to get into the stadium, and as the seats get better, prices can get much more expensive, as will the fees on sites like StubHub. The more expensive the seats, the greater the savings will when using TickPick over our major competitor.

Understanding Changing Ticket Prices

Super Bowl LV ticket prices on the open market (also known as the secondary ticket industry) are set by the sellers, or in most instances, established ticket brokers. This means prices can fluctuate daily and even hourly. Although not perfect economics, ticket prices change based on supply and demand. It’s reasonable to assume that as the event draws closer, the amount of available ticket inventory will decrease as fans who don’t wish to wait around to buy start pulling the trigger.

While this inventory decreases as the days before the game go by, the prices on average tend to decline. This has been even more extreme for Super Bowl 55, which has had the most significant pricing drop to get-in prices we’ve ever seen. 



Now, in past years, waiting till the week of the Super Bowl was typically best. But Super Bowl LV ticket prices don’t follow any typical trends. We have an entire article dedicated to figuring out when the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is (there’s a science to it) but there’s definitely no guarantees, particularly for a Super Bowl that will limit capacity when compared to packed houses at venues for The Big Game in other years. 

As you can see when it comes to the understanding the prices of Super Bowl tickets you need to trust your sources, and understand the data behind the numbers. For further transparency, we believe charts further help fans understand the cost of Super Bowl tickets.

If you weren’t already convinced that we take Super Bowl ticket prices seriously, you can check me out discussing them on Yahoo finance for Super Bowl 53. 

TickPick on Yahoo Finance Discussing when to Buy 2019 Super Bowl Tickets



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