How Much Do Super Bowl Tickets Cost?

As the Co-CEO of TickPick (the original no-fee ticket marketplace), I have helped contribute to our Super Bowl ticket guide over the last ten years. Since 2018, the answer to the question of when is the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets has consistently been 3-5 days before the game.

This even held true with Super Bowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium with the hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing in the game despite the event being reduced capacity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With that said, how to buy Super Bowl tickets and where you buy your tickets matter.

So as far as where you should buy Super Bowl 2023 tickets for the game at State Farm Stadium in Glendale – and of course we’re biased – we recommend taking a look at Super Bowl tickets on TickPick, as we guarantee the best prices on Super Bowl tickets and tickets to all events because we’re the only major ticket marketplace that doesn’t charge any service fees.

But don’t take our word for it, we’re confident after you do your own research you’ll come to the same conclusion on how to get Super Bowl tickets. Continue reading for everything you need to know about buying Super Bowl LVII tickets. 


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How Much Are Super Bowl Tickets?

One question for everybody who’s interested in buying Super Bowl tickets is how much are Super Bowl tickets? On average, Super Bowl tickets cost between $3,000-6,000 per ticket. For Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium, prices were incredibly volatile due to the limited capacity, with the cheapest tickets listed at over $10,000 at one point before falling back into the average range.

Pricing can vary greatly based on the location of the seats, the participating teams, and the time at which the tickets are purchased (not to mention the impact of reduced capacity). For the recent Super Bowl in Miami, the cheapest Super Bowl LIV ticket for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium was about $4,275 and the average Super Bowl ticket price was about $6,370. 

What is the Cheapest Super Bowl Ticket?

With prices changing every day, the answer to this question can change constantly, but we have a very Detailed History of Super Bowl Ticket Prices blog that can help fans find out how to get Super Bowl tickets, determine when the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is, and learn when Super Bowl tickets are cheapest based on historical trends.

As of now, the cheapest Super Bowl ticket available on TickPick is $6,207. 

How to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

Unless you’re lucky enough to win the Super Bowl ticket lottery as a season ticket holder for the hosting team, are gifted tickets, or have a family member playing on one of the two Super Bowl teams, the most common route to buy cheap Super Bowl tickets is by buying them on the resale market, otherwise known as the secondary market.

Buying Super Bowl 2023 tickets from trusted large ticket brokers is absolutely safe when you buy through a legitimate site like TickPick, where we have a 100% guarantee on all Super Bowl tickets.

Many fans will want to price shop when looking to buy Super Bowl tickets. We encourage you to shop for the cheapest Super Bowl ticket prices across all ticket marketplaces, but at the end of the day, you’ll want to deal with a company that communicates well and can answer the common Super Bowl ticket questions that you have.

When looking to buy Super Bowl tickets, the three biggest things to ask yourself are:

  • Which Super Bowl tickets should I buy? zone seats vs. specific seats
  • When should I buy Super Bowl tickets? now or later?
  • Where should I buy Super Bowl tickets? trust, communication, and price

When Should You Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

Generally speaking, Super Bowl tickets become cheaper as the game approaches. Spirited fans tend to buy their tickets right after their teams clinch their spot in the Big Game right after the conference championships, so prices tend to reach a bit of a peak as the hype is highest.

Super Bowl ticket prices usually continue to fall as the two-week period comes to a close; with the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets typically being 3-5 days prior to the game. However, this is not guaranteed, which is why we suggest you sign up for our Super Bowl newsletter which allows fans to track Super Bowl ticket prices and provides daily updates on pricing trends.

Normally we like to look back at the previous year’s Super Bowl to help inform what the next year may look like. Our detailed history of Super Bowl ticket prices can help inform your SB 57 ticket purchasing decision so you can buy at the right time.

Let’s look back at other past Super Bowls that saw significant price changes:


The Best Place to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

TickPick offers the best Super Bowl tickets, the guaranteed best Super Bowl ticket prices, and the best site and app features around. It’s all but guaranteed that you’re going to be paying a hefty premium for Super Bowl tickets. So why pay an extra 20-30 percent for tickets in service fees alone?

That’s what happens when you buy tickets from our competitors like Stubhub. 30% added to the listed ticket price means an already-expensive $4,000 ticket can cost an extra $1,200 in fees alone.

Why pay that when you could be buying no-fee Super Bowl tickets from TickPick? Not only that, but we have a ticket rating system to make sure you understand the quality of your seats. Not convinced yet? Take a look for yourself and see how to get Super Bowl tickets without any service fees. 

Super Bowl Zone Seating Prices

Zone Seating is your best chance to get a great deal on Super Bowl tickets. You may ask, what is zone seating? Ticket brokers selling Super Bowl tickets are often not given a specific seat assignment, but rather just a zone. This is because ticket brokers are selling season ticket holders’ tickets, and seat assignments are not given until the week of the game. You can read up on our Super Bowl seating chart for more info. 

If you are paying $5,000+ for a ticket, it’s understandable that you want the tickets sent to you ASAP. However, because most seat assignments aren’t given until the week of the game, tickets listed by zone would be transferred to you by no later than Saturday, February 12th.

Although tickets sold by zone may sound non-traditional, roughly half of Super Bowl tickets available for sale across all ticket marketplaces are zone seats, and it’s the key to buying cheap Super Bowl tickets. And as long as you buy tickets from a legitimate Super Bowl ticket site, you’ll know that you’ll receive your mobile Super Bowl tickets in plenty of time for Super Bowl Sunday. Contact our support team at 845-538-4567 or [email protected] if you have any further questions on zone seating.

NFL On Location Super Bowl Tickets

For those asking when Super Bowl tickets go on sale, these tickets are usually first available for sale from the NFL’s on Location service, which is more or less a ticket brokerage extension of the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL on Location is actually selling Super Bowl tickets for prices substantially higher than resale sites like TickPick.

Why? First off, because they can (specifically because they spent millions of dollars on a deal with the NFL for access to Super Bowl event tickets, and furthermore, they are partly owned by the NFL). Secondly, as part of that deal, they need to create a ticket package that includes accessories that don’t necessarily cost that much but allow them to demand a premium price for the Super Bowl experience. 

We are all about pricing shopping, so it’s worth checking out what they have available if you’re buying Super Bowl tickets, just always remember when making a comparison on prices, always make sure to compare the final price, as other ticket sites add on fees at checkout.

How Are Super Bowl Tickets Distributed?

The distribution of Super Bowl tickets is controlled by the NFL. They distribute 75% of tickets to the teams while the remainder is given to media, partners, and sponsors as well as sold via packages that are mostly bought by ticket brokers since it’s so far in advance of the Super Bowl.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how the National Football League has historically distributed tickets for the big game:

  1. Super Bowl teams share 35%  – 17.5% are given to each team, with the majority of them given to season ticket holders & players.
  2. Host team gets 5% – the majority distributed to season ticket holders.
  3. The remaining 29 teams share 34.8% – 1.2% for each team distributed to players, media, partners, etc.
  4. NFL league offices retain 25.2% – tickets are typically sold to partners, media, and sponsors.

However, the NFL changed the allocation of Super Bowl tickets in 2017, and that will carry over into 2023. In 2017, they announced that they are going to allocate 6,000 tickets away from the teams playing in the Super Bowl to the NFL On Location Experience company. NFL On Location is the concierge service that will be selling Super Bowl packages for above face value (and potentially above market value as well).

How Can You Sell Your Super Bowl LVII Tickets?

If you have Super Bowl tickets for sale, you can easily list them to be sold on TickPick, where you’ll be paid the same amount for your sale that you’d receive if you sold them on competing sites like StubHub, Vivid Seats, or others, but your buyer would save potentially hundreds of dollars over those sites because they wouldn’t be charged any service fees, making your ticket prices all the more attractive if listed for sale on TickPick. 

Read up on our informative blog on how to sell your Super Bowl tickets if you’re looking for another fan to take your tickets off your hands. 

Super Bowl Testimonials

We’ve had thousands of incredible interactions with fans who have purchased their Super Bowl tickets through TickPick over the years. Here’s a quick video with some of our favorite fans who were thrilled to get out to the Big Game for Super Bowl LI, Super Bowl LII, and Super Bowl LIII.

If you still have any questions about Super Bowl tickets, please reach out to one of our Super Bowl ticket specialists here at TickPick at 845-538-4567 or email [email protected].



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