TickPick’s Picks – The Best Twitter Accounts for Fans

We created TickPick for fans. So, to celebrate the fans who keep us going, we combed the Twitter-sphere for the best of those dedicated souls who bring us the latest news from our favorite artists in 140 characters or less. Here, we have assembled the best twitter accounts for diehard fans to follow.
Top Twitter Account for Fans #1 – @ImWithTheScene
@ImWithTheScene Twitter Page

Why is @ImWithTheScene our favorite Selena Gomez fan twitter account? First, Steph and Natasha, who run @ImWithTheScene, don’t just retweet pics of Selena that they find online. They actually post pics and videos that they take in concert. To be sure, these fan-made videos are not competing with Francis Ford Coppola, and the pics won’t be hanging in the Guggenheim anytime soon, but they do bring a smile to your face, and with all those impersonal fan twitter accounts out there,

the personal touch is nice. Secondly, Natasha and Steph are not afraid to mention that they have major crushes on other performers, like Taylor Swift.
They understand that while 99% of their tweets are about Selena, it’s okay to share more personal stuff that isn’t all Selena all the time. Finally, they’ve taken a level head through the whole “Jelena” break up and controversy. Instead of going off the rails and exacerbating the war between the “Beliebers” and the “Selenators” (the subject of the next Stark Trek film, btw), @ImWithTheScene has taken a steady head throughout:

Top Twitter Account for Fans #2 – @PinkFans_
@PinkFans Twitter Page
@PinkFans_ takes a refreshing approach to the Twitter fan page. Instead of focusing on the minute-to-minute details of the pop star’s life, @PinkFans_ focuses on giving Pink fans a voice to express their love, gratitude, and to show off pictures from Pink’s The Truth About Love Tour:

Top Twitter Account for Fans #3 – @1DUpdatesUSA
@1DUpdatesUSA Twitter Page
That awkward moment when your One Direction fan page tweets that One Direction is performing in South Korea, and you’re sitting in your NYC apartment like: “Why do I care?”. #TwitterProblems

That’s why we love @1DUpdatesUSA. They’re focused on One Direction’s activities within the continent we live on. On top of that, @1DUpdatesUSA doesn’t drown you in updates like some other Twitter fan pages do. They keep up on cool things the boy band is doing, but they never retweet pic after pic of One Directioners from Instagram.
UPDATE: One Direction is touring this summer. Check out the blog post here.

Top Twitter Account for Fans #4 – @GagaGlobal
@GagaGlobal Twitter Page
First of all, we have to give @GagaGlobal props for the appropriately creepy cover photo. Not only is @GagaGlobal the official Twitter page of GagaGlobal.org, but @GagaGlobal also get its fans deals and tickets. We also love how they distinguish between fact and rumor. When following someone who covers the secretive life of Lady Gaga, this is a necessity.
Who are your favorite fan Twitter accounts? Let us know in the comments!

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