Coachella Ticket Protection – Should You Buy It?

UPDATE: The 2015 Coachella Lineup has been announced, and TickPick has reviewed every single artist. Check it out here!

It’s rare that we tell people not to buy something, but in this instance it’s a clear answer, buying Coachella Ticket Protection for the 2015 Coachella Music Festival is not worth it.

See more info regarding how to buy sold out Coachella tickets below.

The explanation for this, is simple. Many concert tickets typically decrease in price and if you are forced to sell your tickets you wouldn’t make the money you spent back. Of course there is the chance that Coachella tickets drop in price and you can’t  make back the full $375 a ticket. However, Coachella is one of those rare events that ever drops below the face value, which ranges from $375 to .

So in worst case if you can’t make it for one of the approved Coachella ticket protection reasons, have no fear, we’d say that there’s a 98% chance that you’ll receive the full Coachella ticket price back when you go to sell your Coachella tickets on a secondary site like TickPick. In regards to selling Coachella tickets, it’s significantly easier than one would think. You can sell your Coachella weekend 1 tickets here, or sell your Coachella weekend 2 tickets here. Plus when buying and selling Coachella tickets on TickPick, there’s just a 10% commission to the seller and no added fees to the buyers.

 coachella ticket protection

Unfortunately if Coachella tickets sell out and  you don’t have tickets, you are not left with many choices. In 2014 many Coachella fans thought that waiting for the event to get closer would give them a better chance to buy cheap Coachella tickets. However, as you might know on the week of Coachella ticket prices ended up selling for more than $2,000, which is why you don’t need to buy Coachella ticket protection for $50 (instead just sell them).

So where does that leave you?

In our opinion your best bet is to look to go to Coachella’s Weekend 2 if you can, this will save you a lot of money since Weekend 1 is more popular and thus more expensive. On TickPick (as of today, 1/6/15) Coachella tickets are available for $600 for weekend 1, or $480 for weekend 2.

Lastly, if you have any questions about buying tickets etc., feel free to leave your questions in the comments below, we’d love to help you.

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