The David H. Koch Theater is one of the world’s foremost venues for dancing and ballet performances, among many other events that take place at the New York City theater within the Lincoln Center each year. It seats 2,755 people in total, and features continental-style seating (which means there is no center aisle) on the orchestra level and five ascending “rings,” or balconies.

The theater was specifically designed for dance, which means that the goal of the theater is to provide excellent sight lines to every seat. In the seating plan, the seats seem far from the stage, but because the seating is shallow, the seats are closer than they appear.

It’s important to note that Lincoln Center has numerous venues (it can get very confusing). The David Koch theater is grand, however the main venue is the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center.

David Koch Theater Seating Chart and Seat Views

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David Koch Theater Lincoln Center Seating with Rows & Seat Numbers

david koch seating chart
See the David Koch Lincoln Center seating chart with row and seat number details below (click through for a high-res image):

Tips for Choosing the Best Seats at David Koch Lincoln Center

Buying tickets for ballet, dance, opera, etc. is always challenging. You need to try to envision what the performance is going to look like from the different seats in which you are looking to sit. The standard seats -which are considered the best – are seats in center orchestra from row E to row O. Of course is you are paying attention to seat numbers, than you can be confident that seats close to the center aisle are also very good seats.

What I would warn people about are seats in the AA-CC rows in the first ring, through the fourth ring. Although some might enjoy these seats, the angle is very much a side angle, and the seats aren’t quite adjacent to one another, so you might feel removed from the people you are with.

We’d also like to tell people that even though the 2nd and 3rd ring might appear far, these seats are surprisingly good assuming you set your expectations appropriately.

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