It’s time for Dodger baseball, and any self-respecting LA fan considers themselves at least a little bit of a foodie. Fortunately, the Los Angeles Dodgers offer up some of the best food of any MLB team.  This blog below helps answer the question that hungry fans in LA are always asking: what is the best food at Dodger Stadium?

Read below in order to find some of the best Dodger Stadium concessions. In the meantime, if you’re looking for general Dodger Stadium seating information, be sure to check out our informative Los Angeles Dodgers Seating Chart Guide. If you’re looking to reference where the sections are that contain the best food at Dodger Stadium, refer to the Dodger Stadium food map below!

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Best Food at Dodger Stadium

If you’re one of those people who’s willing to forgo an inning or two of game action in order to wait in line for legitimately good food – that is, food that holds up in restaurants not within the friendly confines of Dodger Stadium – head to the Reserve Level for their sweet, savory, and spicy Chicken and Waffle Sandwich with spicy crispy chicken, candied bacon & maple syrup, pictured below.


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Not to be outdone are the wide array of loaded French fry options like the Al Pastor fries below (or barbacoa, or carne asada, take your pick) which provide excellent Dodger Stadium food options for carnivores who want to gussy up the perfect starch base for a long day at the ballpark. They’re available at LA Taqueria in Reserve 13, Loge 109, and Field 46.


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Dodger Stadium Favorites

To start things off, we’ll highlight some of the fan favorites for Dodgers fans who have the luxury of attending multiple games each season, but still hit up the same reliable spots for ballpark fare that’s become synonymous with the stadium.

There’s no shortage of nacho options, including the BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos pictured below. Fans who bleed blue can find other options like BBQ Chicken Nachos near Field 48, Loge 21, and Reserve 38 sections or the Carne Asada Base Bowl Nachos at Reserve 43, Reserve 44, and Reserve 49.


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Not to be forgotten is the iconic Dodger Dog, a hot dog that’s as synonymous with a ballpark as any short of perhaps the Fenway Frank in Boston. There are a ton of gussied-up options for the omnipresent Dodger Dog at the stadium, including the beautiful (and delicious) Taco Dog, wrapped with a flour tortilla and stuffed with nacho cheese sauce, Pico de Gallo, shredded cheese, bacon, and pickled onions, available at the Lexus Dugout Club.


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You’ll be able to secure your peanuts and Cracker Jacks via your section’s friendly shouting vendors.

Best Local Food at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles is known for its excellent Mexican food scene, and the south of the border influence can be felt throughout Dodger Stadium with its large selection of inspired dishes with a twist, with none more popular than the Cheet-O-Lote, which can be found at the King’s Hawaiian Grill in the left field pavilion and Think Blue BBQ near Section 30.

This traditional dish consisting of roasted corn on the cob and chipotle mayo is kicked up a notch with a heavy dusting of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, cojita cheese, and tajin seasoning.


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Another ballpark favorite this year is the Carne Asada Torta from the LA Open Deck Circle locations throughout the ballpark, which is a traditional Mexican sandwich served on locally-baked La Princesa Bakery bread and available with carne asada, nopales (cactus), or pulled chicken. This is a traditional staple that will include typical torta toppings like refried beans, jalapenos, cilantro, crema, and pickled onions.


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Unique Food Options at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium concessions have been fully on board with taking and combining fan-favorite and photo-friendly food items and serving them up to the masses in recent years as Instagram has been an excellent marketing tool in and of itself.

The Mac N Cheese Hot Link Burrito from the King’s Hawaiian Grill in the Left Field Pavilion is a great place to hangout, have a Kona Longboard Lager, and enjoy some excellent BBQ-style foods at the stadium. This burrito (pictured below) is stuffed with pulled pork, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and of course, a full hot link.


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The Best Dessert at Dodger Stadium

In addition to your regular ice cream cones, cotton candy, Sno cones, etc., Dodger Stadium has some incredible sweets for fans this season. Trolley Treats near Field 46 as well as Reserve 2 is unquestionably the epicenter for those with a sweet tooth, with options like the Upgraded Churros with toppings like ice cream, chocolate, sprinkles, glaze, or their famous Funnel Cake.


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Gluten-Free and Kosher Food at Dodger Stadium

Kosher options at Dodger Stadium like hot dogs and sausages are available at select games located at Jeff’s Gourmet in the right field plaza. Gluten-free options at the aptly-named Avoiding Gluten like Dodger Dogs and gluten-free beer can be found at locations near sections Field 5, Loge 137, and Reserve 5.

Healthy Food at Dodger Stadium

For some healthy but delicious food options for those looking to save calories at the ballpark, head to spots like Buds & Burgers in the LA Open Deck Circle for their Portobello Mushroom Burger, or the quinoa and chickpea salad and roasted chicken sandwich at The Healthy Cart.

The Best place to Drink at Dodger Stadium

There are plenty of options for thirsty and of-age fans who want to enjoy a craft beer, cocktail, or a beer passed from a vendor in the stands. The Jim Beam Bar & Grill is a great place to grab some grilled delectables like their pulled pork sliders and pork belly tacos, and to grab a beer or cocktail in their located in the Right Field Plaza.

What’s Included in the All You Can Eat Pavilion at Dodger Stadium?

Dodger Stadium offers fans with the excellent bargain of an all you can eat package for each home game at the All You Can Eat Pavilion in right field. For paying a premium on these tickets, fans are able to enjoy all-you-can-eat nachos, popcorn, peanuts, Dodger Dogs, water, and soda. Beer is not included in this deal, for better or for worse.

Can I Bring Food or Drinks into Dodger Stadium?

Regarding bringing in your own food and drinks into Dodger Stadium, their rule is as follows: “Food is permitted from outside the stadium provided it is not in bottles, cans, coolers or thermoses. Unbroken, factory sealed plastic bottles of water and other non-alcoholic beverages of 1 liter or less are permitted.”

Can I Bring a Backpack or Purse Into Dodger Stadium?

Fans may bring backpacks, bags or purses to the ballpark, HOWEVER, they must be no larger than 16″ x 16″ x 8″. If parents are bringing a diaper bag, they’re advised to make sure it fits within those dimensions.

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