It’s been three years since Chance the Rapper dropped his legendary third mixtape, the game-changing Coloring Book. Released in 2016, Coloring Book became the first streaming-only album to reach the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Chance, on behalf of Coloring Book, also received many Grammy nominations, and took home historic wins for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance.

So basically, in case you’ve forgotten, Chance prophesied himself during his killer verse in Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”.

I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail
He said let’s do a good ass job with Chance three
I hear you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy
Let’s make it so free and the bars so hard
That there ain’t one gosh darn part you can’t tweet

What else has Chance prophesied? Oh, just the unexpected announcement from mayor Rahm Emanuel that he wouldn’t be running for office again in 2019. You can hear it on “I Might Need Security”.

And Rahm you done
I’m expectin’ resignation
An open investigation on all of these paid vacations
For murderers

Since Coloring Book, Chance has worked on both his solo and collaborative work. But the collaborations have largely been all talk. Where is that Chance-Gambino project? Where is the Kanye-produced Good Ass Job? Instead, we’ve mostly seen Chance at his solo tracks. Last July, fans were treated to a 4-Pack which consisted of: “I Might Need Security”, “Work Out”, “65th and Ingleside“, and “Wala Cam“. Some months later came “My Own Thing” and “The Man Who Has Everything“.

Fans gathered a few things about these singles. 1) All of the cover art is of the same theme, the same blocky and colorful, youthful shapes, randomly arranged. 2) With fewer collaborations and guest bars, Chance’s sound echoed what fans heard his second mixtape Acid Rap. Even though we’re not sure if these singles will land on Chance’s forthcoming LP, we are excited by this return to his roots. They aren’t R&B songs punctuated with bars. They aren’t saturated by other artists. They are rap songs. Because Chance is, above all, a rapper.

So, When will Chance the Rapper drop his new album? According to his announcement, and his new Twitter handle, this July. 


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Jooly 👀👀

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Now that fans know it’s coming—next month, no less—this question arises: Who will guest on Chance’s new album? Definitely, without a doubt, Kanye West. At least behind the mic anyway. While making a trip to his hometown of Chicago, Ye revealed that he was in the city working on Chance’s new album.


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Kanye being treated like the mayor in Chicago today 😭 @fox32news

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Kanye and Chance were also pictured with industry greats Rick Rubin and Mike Dean during Ye’s Jackson Hole residency. With these two record producing powerhouses behind him, in addition to the invaluable touch of Kanye, it looks like Chance’s fourth project (LP? Mixtape? Double Album?) is gilded even before its release.



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This Summer, Chance the Rapper has slowly been making his way back into the popular mainstream—a necessary precursor to dropping the album. He teamed up with PnB Rock for Ed Sheeran’sCross Me“. He dropped his own single, the bouncy, upbeat “Groceries” featuring rap newcomer TisaKorean. And just this week, Chance appeared on YBN Cordae’s “Bad Idea,” a track that will live on Cordae’s upcoming project, The Lost Boy.

Though little else is known about Chance the Rapper’s upcoming album, the Windy City MC has already announced his plan to tour. He tweeted out the destinations of several shows he’s planning “after my Owbum” drop, including big markets like L.A., New York, and his native Chicago. Considering how epic the “Coloring Book Tour” was, we are very much in anticipation of Chance the Rapper’s upcoming tour plans.

Chance the Rapper Owbum Out in July. When? We hope near the beginning of the month, as it’s been too long since we’ve been able to listen to a new Chance the Rapper project. And fans, we suggest bracing your wallets now, as the upcoming Chance the Rapper tour is slated to be one of the best rap concert tours of 2019.

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