It’s been three years since John Legend released Love in the Future, and the follow-up is finally, almost here. Legend’s sixth studio album is titled Darkness and Light and will be available December 2nd. So far, Legend has released two single from the forthcoming record, the latest being “Penthouse Floor” featuring Chance the Rapper. The rubbery funk track evokes the issues of social mobility and race. “Penthouse Floor” comes off as a light hearted track, but achieves higher purpose by zooming in on matters that are important to Legend. Check out the audio for “Penthouse Floor” below:

Several artists were tapped in to appear on John Legend’s sixth LP, including Miguel, Chance the Rapper, and Alabama Shakes lead singer Brittany Howard. That latter band’s Sound & Color producer Blake Mills played the same role on Legend’s new album. In a statement, Mills says: “Following the tradition of soul/R&B music that celebrates love and challenges indecency, Darkness and Light digs into John’s long-standing devotion to social justice, the challenges and rewards of a marriage constantly in the public eye and the recent birth of his first child, Luna. This record goes against the grain, boldly reminding us that though darkness is abound, it is the light that will ultimately push us forward.”

It seems, that true to John Legend fashion, he’ll continue to use his music to perpetuate awareness and compassion in the world, as he’s done since the debut of 2004’s Get Lifted. But unlike his past records, Darkness and Light will feature music written during and about raising his first child with Chrissy Teigen. John Legend’s daughter likely has a hand in influencing all of his music from here one out, in addition to having her very own track on Darkness and Light titled “Right By You (for Luna)“. You can check out the rest of the 12 song, Darkness and Light track list below:

Darkness and Light Track List

1. “I Know Better”
2. “Penthouse Floor” (feat. Chance the Rapper)
3. “Darkness and Light” (feat. Brittany Howard)
4. “Overload” (feat. Miguel)
5. “Love Me Now”
6. “What You Do to Me”
7. “Surefire”
8. “Right By You (for Luna)”
9. “Temporarily Painless”
10. “How Can I Blame You”
11. “Same Old Story”
12. “Marching Into the Dark”
13. “Drawing Lines”*
14. “What You Do to Me” (Piano Demo)*
15. “Love You Anyway”*

* Target exclusive tracks

The themes present on Darkness and Light are weighed with political relevance. Though the album was written before the election results, John Legend believes the messages throughout the record still apply, maybe more now than ever. In a statement he says: “Obviously, a lot of people are asking questions, a lot of people are feeling troubled by the direction this country has chosen to go. I think the album is saying that no matter what’s going on in the world, we’ve got love, we’ve got each other, we’ve got the people that we care about we can hold onto.”

So, until December 2nd comes and with it the debut of Darkness and Lightbe on the look out for more singles, and possibly the announcement of a world tour in 2017. Until then, here’s that dreamy “Love Me Now” video we just can’t get enough of:

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