Foo Fighters “Sonic Highways” Trailer | New Album Tracklist

In what only Dave Grohl could describe as a “love letter to America’s music history”, the new Foo Fighters album and HBO series titled Sonic Highways looks like it could be the music documentary this generation has been waiting for. If you’ve been catching some of the hype surrounding Sonic Highways, you may still be a little confused as to what this mega music project actually is. Sonic Highways is both a Foo Fighters record, and a HBO series. The new Foo Fighters album will include 8 tracks, all recorded in 8 different recording studios across the country. The HBO series, which will premier on October 17th, is the detailed journey of the Foo Fighters recording their newest album. The series will feature cameos by Pharrell, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and even President Barack Obama. Check out the trailer for Sonic Highways below:

So why is Sonic Highways going to be one of the best alternative rock albums of the year? Each song on the new Foo Fighters album was written in an authentically inspired fashion. After spending time exploring the history of each city along the sonic highway—New York, Chicago, L.A, Austin, Seattle, New Orleans, D.C, and Nashville—the band wrote a song based off of their experience, drawing upon the major influences that are specific to each city. For example, while the Foo Fighters were in Austin, they met with Gary Clark Jr., an Austin native, who goes on to join them in the studio for their Texas track. This sort of amazing musical encounter happens all throughout Sonic Highways, making this upcoming Foo Fighters album something to be excited for.

Foo Fighters 2014We haven’t heard a full single from the new Foo Fighters album, but the Sonic Highways trailer does feature snippets from the song “Something from Nothing”, a track what will be one of eight on the new album. The Foo Fighters will release their new album on November 10th. There is a pre-order for Sonic Highways available on iTunes, with the following tracklist for the new album:

Sonic Highways Tracklist:

01. Something From Nothing (4:49)
02. The Feast and the Famine (3:50)
03. Congregation (5:12)
04. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness (5:44)
05. Outside (5:15)
06. In the Clear (4:04)
07. Subterranean (6:08)
08. I Am a River (7:09)

Be sure to catch the premier of Sonic Highways on HBO Friday, October 17th @ 11PM.

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