2021 has presented plenty of unique challenges for the NFL, and the upcoming Super Bowl LV that will be held in Tampa, FL will be no exception when it comes to affected events. In the past, the vast majority of tickets were hard stock and made of high quality paper stock that had numerous security features to prevent people from making counterfeit tickets to dupe buyers.

For this Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, it’s been reported that Super Bowl tickets will be roughly 95% mobile entry, meaning that hard tickets may not be what fans should expect to receive this year and likely beyond as live events have continued to move away from hard tickets in favor of QR codes that are simply scanned from the fan’s phone. While some fans may be disappointed by the lack of a souvenir in the ticket stub, mobile ticketing has been the norm for many years, now, and it looks to now be the standard moving forward for the year’s biggest live event.

Given that this year’s Super Bowl will have nearly all mobile tickets, you’ll want to be familiar with how to claim and retrieve your tickets for the game. Tickets received via mobile transfer are 100% safe and cannot be duplicated once they’ve been claimed by the user through their email.

The following steps are all you’ll need to take in order to get your mobile tickets to your phone. 


Check your email. Once you’ve gotten an email confirmation from us that your seats have been sent, you’ll want to head over to your inbox to find the claim email. This email will contain language like “[NAME] sent you tickets,” and the name is the original ticket account holder, so don’t be alarmed when you receive an email with a stranger’s name in the subject line when it comes to the ticket transfer offer.


After finding the claim email in your inbox, the content of the email will look like this! You’ll want to click “Accept Tickets” in order to accept your Super Bowl seats and have them in your account to be pulled up on your smartphone when you’re heading into the event.


If you do not already have an account with the Super Bowl Account Manager, you will need to create one. All you will need is a name, email, and password!


Now that you’ve claimed these tickets, you’ll be able to navigate to the website from your mobile device in order to get the Mobile QR codes the venue will scan at the gate! 

As you’ll see once you navigate to the website, you’ll simply need to input your login credentials to access your Super Bowl Account Manager.


Now that you’re logged in to the Super Bowl Account Manager, you can click on the event page to navigate to your Mobile QR codes! 

As you can see, the ticket details will be available and you’ll be able to click “View Barcode” in order to see the seats themselves.


In order to avoid any issues at the stadium (with connectivity over Wifi or Data), we recommend adding the tickets to your Apple or Google Wallet to view later. 

You’ll be able to open the tickets from your Wallet once at the stadium and that’s it! 

You’re all set to enjoy Super Bowl LV!

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