LiveNation Discount and Promo Codes (February 2023)

In 2010, ticketing giant Ticketmaster merged with Live Nation to create Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and become the biggest primary vendor for live event venues across the country. In other words, many venues use Live Nation to sell their tickets. This includes major stadiums, arenas, theaters, and more that sell sports tickets, concert tickets, and theater tickets through Live Nation.

However, Live Nation also sells resale tickets. Resale tickets are a great way to catch a live event ticket way past the on-sale or even last minute. However, when on Live Nation, fans often think they’re going to the primary source, but end up paying more than the original price with loads of tacked-on fees because tickets might be resale. Plus, it’s generally confusing to know what’s resale or not. There are a lot of other resale platforms outside of Live Nation, including TickPick. But here’s the catch, at TickPick, we don’t add any fees. Keep reading for more on that.

Unfortunately, because Ticketmaster and Live Nation are the largest ticketing sites, they don’t usually have discounts because people are always heading to their platforms regardless. However, there are still ways to save on Live Nation tickets. Just read below.

Live Nation Discounts and How to Save Money on Live Nation

Live Nation doesn’t often have discounts or promo codes. When they do, like for the holidays and 2-for-1 deals, they advertise it on their website’s home page. Signing up for emails is a good way to know when Live Nation deals are happening.

However, you can also save money on Live Nation tickets by using presale codes for select tickets that Live Nation offers fans who use a certain credit card (AMEX, Citi, Chase, Capital One). There are also often presales for fan club members, local venue presales, Spotify presales, and more. These tickets usually have good deals attached to them and cost less than tickets when the general on-sale starts.

Is There a Better Way to Save Money on Live Event Tickets?

TickPick has amazing deals on cheaper sports tickets, concert tickets, and theater tickets. TickPick is the only major secondary ticket marketplace that doesn’t charge buyers service fees. Therefore, customers save an average of 10% on every purchase over our major competitor with no discount code required, although we do give new customers a discount of $10 off!

Plus, download the TickPick App for easy access to tickets, updates, and interactive seat views. You can also use our Flex Feature to track prices on events. And now, you can freeze prices, too.

TickPick is the original no-fee ticket marketplace. Most tickets on all resale ticket sites (more than 95%) come from the same ticket brokers, but other sites either roll in or add service fees at the end. But notTickPick.

We understand what it’s like to find a great deal on a sporting event, concert, or theater tickets through Live Nation, only to find that there’s upwards of 30% in service fees at checkout. So TickPick did something about that. The price you see is the price you get. Therefore, it’s important to always consider the full price including fees at checkout. When you click on a ticket at TickPick, the price won’t go up at checkout.

How is TickPick Different Than Live Nation?

1. No service fees: Unlike Live Nation’s service fees at checkout, TickPick shows all-in pricing and has no service fees.

For those wanting alternatives to buying event tickets on Live Nation and saving some money, TickPick is the site for you to buy tickets.

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