Pharrell’s Grammy Hat For Sale On Ebay- UPDATE: It’s Arby’s Hat Now?

Pharrell Williams‘ infamous Vivienne Westwood hat worn to the Grammy’s on January 26th has gotten quite a ride on the internet meme train of late. And since the Internet loved Pharrell’s Grammys hat so much, the artist has decided to sell it for a good cause.

Curious to hear more?

Pharrell Curious George Meme

At 8 p.m. ET on February 20, he decided to auction off the hat on eBay to benefit his non-profit that supports at-risk youth,
“From One Hand to Another.” Who’s the auction winner, you ask?
Well until Sunday, he was still sorting it out.

Pharrell Harry Potter Meme

The auction for the hat kicked off at $200, which is what Williams said was the price he paid for it. Bidding continued until March 2, which was the same day as the Oscars (where Williams performed “Happy”). The only thing Pharrell asked of bidders was to kindly refrain from starting a roast beef.

Pharrell Arby's Meme

Ironically enough, Arby’s made the final bid, which was $44,100 in case you were wondering.
Quite a bit of roast beef, if you ask us. 

Arby's Pharrell Hat Auction

Check out From One Hand to Another’s promotional video for the auction below. Why?
Because hey, Smokey said so.

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