Ric Flair is Hip Hop’s Favorite Wrestler

There’s a reason hip-hop artists love Ric Flair. He’s the epitome of that extravagant, ballin’ lifestyle and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. Women, parties, jets, cars, booze, cash. The Nature Boy was one of the first big celebrities to talk (okay, brag) openly about how much money he spent and how many women he had. And even better for those who loved him, Flair was authentic because was actually living this lifestyle.

“I spent more money
on spilt liquor
in bars from one side of this world to the other
than you made!”

Sounds like a rap lyric, right? Nah, that’s just casual Ric Flair.

After earning his first couple of big paychecks, he went out and bought a limo. That’s rapper status. Snoop Dogg and other hip-hop artists have all spoken about how they wanted to be like him growing up. Ric Flair became a part of their culture, the embodiment of that lavish lifestyle they desired. So, of course, their lyrics consistently give nods to the “dirtiest player in the game.”

And this has been going on for YEARS!

Flair is sort of a hip-hop muse. He’s an icon of excess and pageantry. Rappers love including him in their songs and music videos. Here are a few of our favorite Ric Flair mentions…

“Ric Flair Drip” Offset, Metro Boomin, 21 Savage

The latest hit involving Flair is a real banger too. “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset (from uber-popular hip-hop group Migos) even features the “WOO!” And there’s the added bonus of having The Nature Boy in the actual music video doing his signature dance moves, shopping for diamond-encrusted watches, ya know, the usual. He even gets a speaking part (scroll to 2:19). Offset wears a glittery matching “Nature Boy” robe of his own while surrounded by fine women at a regal dining room table. A woman feeds Ric Flair grapes. Seriously, it’s a must-watch.

The retired wrestler even appeared to perform the track with Offset on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon… in a wrestling ring. The man is up for anything.

“Chambea” Bad Bunny

These guys went so far as to film an introduction to their video with Ric Flair himself. And is that dude wearing an “Austin 3:16” shirt and “Stone Cold” hat? Wow.

As you might guess, this music video is all about stacks of money, mansions, women, flamboyant suits, a heavyweight championship belt, and uh, a monkey? Then we see Ric Flair struttin’, WOO-in’, and showing off his rings on a rooftop. It just shows that rap artists are using him as the official seal of “having made it.” TBD if The Nature Boy speaks Spanish…

“Ric Flair” Killer Mike

Not as well known, but a good one from 2011, this track features a few of Flair’s best promos strategically placed throughout the song. Here’s one of the best (0:15):

““I’m going on tour, and I’m gonna show anybody out there that thinks for one second that maybe I’m second guessing myself, that I am the greatest of all time, forever and ever. One surprise, one surprise … shh! WOO! I’m back.”

Killer Mike is actually a huge wrestling fan who loves Ric Flair. He even got to interview The Nature Boy for an edition of XXL and Mike mentioned just how much his community in Atlanta loves Flair. Apparently, he also asked the wrestler if he was aware of this track, and Naitch responded with a cheeky “Yes… but I never got a check.”

In the video, Flair’s image is broadcast on city buildings as he talks about his custom alligator shoes and the nicknames all the ladies have for him. And of course, the classic promo (at 1:23) where The Nature Boy says he’s got more cars than most of you have friends, plus a big house and life pretty much the way he wants it. 

His Presidential Campaign with Waka Flocka

Yep, lest we forget, this happened. The Nature Boy has quite the sense of humor in addition to strong ties to the hip-hop community. Waka Flocka released a video (jokingly) announcing he was running for Pres in 2016… with none other than Ric Flair as his running mate. Yeah, despite the fact that Waka is technically “too young” to run, they decorated the set with Budweiser and women and had a good laugh. This unlikely duo might want to actually consider political ambitions in the future because, hey, stranger things have happened…

“Ric Flair” Soulja Boy and Bow Wow

Who knew these two were still around? Whatever, we dig it. This song makes big use of Flair’s promo that says, “I can’t help it that I’m custom-made. I can’t help it that I look good, smell good…” They use his refrain “I can’t help it” throughout the track.

Another good line? “Ric Flair. Private jet. Ric Flair. Bad bitches.”

They even reference Halle Berry… yeah, you remember that time The Nature Boy claimed he once slept with Halle Berry?

“I Don’t Like” Pusha T featuring Kanye

Rapper Pusha T grew up in Virginia and loved NWA wrestling and Ric Flair as a kid.

This is another one about money, hoes, cars, clothes, drugs, and jewelry. The usual. Pusha T’s lines in this song – “That’s rare, n****! Ric Flair, n****!” – inspired the hook in a later track by Kanye.

“Ric Flair” Tory Lanez

Yet another entire song paying tribute to Flair that begins with a classic wrestling promo. All about money, flying to South Beach, and women. Surprised?

“We Ball” Dom Kennedy Ft. Kendrick Lamar

They never made a video for it, but there’s a great promo at the end of this one (3:01).

“If you’re a real man, you never go down. You just stay up. That’s why I’m the World Champion …That’s why I wear lizard shoes and a Rolex watch and I got a limousine sittin’ out there a mile long with 25 women just dyin’ for me to go ‘WOO!’”

There are just SO many more hip-hop songs with mentions of The Nature Boy. (Just have a google and you’ll see.) He’s a symbol for having made it, balling out, spending cash, and not giving a damn what other people think. Ric Flair reportedly digs his status among rappers too. According to Naitch, he understands why all that stuff he did back in the 80s resonates with them:

“Just like Snoop and Ross said, I was ‘bling’ before bling was bling. I love it. It’s a big compliment to me that rap artists of that stature would consider using some of my stuff.”

What’s your favorite hip-hop nod to Ric Flair?

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