Sell Tickets Fast

Looking to sell your unwanted or unused tickets fast?

Sell Tickets Fast

Oh no, you’re in a pinch right? Your friend dropped out of coming to that Knicks Game or you remembered last minute that you have to go to your great aunts for her birthday instead of the Jay-Z concert? Sucks right?

Well it’s not all that bad. You came to the right place. I’m here to let you know that with a little help from TickPick you can get those tickets off your hand as fast as possible, and hey, possibly even can make some cash in the process.

Sell your tickets

Why TickPick? Why not somewhere else?

1.   At just 10% per sale, we have the lowest seller fees in the industry:

We need to make a little bit of money here and there, so sellers fees are unavoidable. But we love our customers so we cut them the best deal we can. StubHub charges sellers 15% per sale, and some competitors charge up to 25%. That 5-10% adds up quickly. Don’t get duped into paying more than you should.

2.   Better Buyers Means Faster Sales:

At TickPick we allow customers to bid on the tickets that multiple sellers offer at once. On ebay, a buyer has the opportunity to bid on one set of tickets that one seller puts up at a time. All a buyer has to do is type in a price range, seat range, and seat quantity at TickPick and Voilå! Our fancy algorithms automatically pair up the buyer with your tickets. No need for buyers to be hassled with scrolling through hoards of potential tickets. We make it simple and easy for them to find you, which means that selling your ticket happens fast.

3.   Know what You’re in For:

Here at TickPick, one of our biggest initiatives is transparency. We let you know exactly how you stack up against the competitors selling the same tickets, so that you know exactly what you can and should list your ticket at. Then, as soon as your sale is confirmed we follow up with you via email instantly. It’s a no-hassle process that costs you the least amount of time and money.


So why not go with TickPick?


And if you happen to be in the market for buying tickets to concerts, shows, or sporting events we’d like to give you a little gift too. If you not already are signed up for an account with TickPick, click the image below and get $10 in credit when you signup.

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