How to Sell Super Bowl 56 Tickets | Best Ways to Sell Super Bowl Tickets

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Last year’s Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers was in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium, and we had quite a few ticket holders reach out to us throughout the lead-up to the big game with questions on how they could sell their Super Bowl tickets on TickPick. This year’s big game is in Los Angeles, CA at SoFi Stadium, and we are expecting that all tickets will be electronic this year, just as they were in 2021. This is a major change from the hard stock tickets that fans may have grown accustomed to over the years.

Selling Super Bowl LVI tickets can be a fairly confusing process, for those who haven’t done it before. If you haven’t seen enough pricing breakdowns already, check out our post on How Much Super Bowl Tickets Cost. This will help give ticket holders some valuable insight on how to price their resale tickets for fans looking to watch their team hoist the Lombardi Trophy in person. Sellers can find out average ticket prices, what the cheapest tickets are, and how to price tickets for any future Super Bowl.

How to Sell Your Super Bowl LVI Tickets

How should you be trying to sell your Super Bowl tickets? Well, you can list your tickets for sale on TickPick after reaching out to us at [email protected] so our team can quickly confirm a few quick questions to ensure the tickets are valid and will be delivered without issue, or you can try to list them for sale on any of the other major marketplaces, as well.

This will require you to continuously update your Super Bowl ticket price with the market to stay competitive, of course. You will also need to decide whether or not you want to sell your tickets quickly and price them to sell, or if you want to be patient, price your tickets high, and wait for the cheaper tickets sell first. You run the risk of leaving money on the table with either method you choose.

Take a look at the screenshot below of TickPick’s Sell Page for 2020’s Super Bowl:

What Do I Need to do to Sell My Super Bowl Tickets?

Super Bowl LVI will be by far the most expensive football game of the year, if not biggest sporting event of the year, overall. Tickets are the hardest to come by, TickPick and other marketplaces will require an additional level of seller vetting in order to ensure any sale will go smoothly for both the buyer and seller – as well as guarantee that the tickets are 100% legitimate. Over the years, we’ve seen Super Bowl tickets listed by football season ticket holders, NFL players, and mostly large ticket brokers, and we haven’t had any issues for those looking to buy Super Bowl tickets due to our vetting system.

Some questions you’ll need to answer/things you’ll need to provide TickPick in order to list your Super Bowl ticket for sale are:

  • What type of tickets do you have, Mobile or Traditional Hardstock?
  • What are the section, row and seat numbers?
  • Do you already have these tickets in your possession?
  • If not, when are you scheduled to receive them?
  • Where or who are you actually receiving these tickets from?
  • Are you able to provide proof of purchase for the tickets?
  • Are the tickets listed for sale anywhere else?

Keep in mind that those of you who are looking to sell your Super Bowl tickets that you’ve purchased through TickPick does not require many of the above conditions be met, as all ticket brokers who list and sell their Super Bowl tickets on TickPick are thoroughly vetted, and have been 100% successful in delivering authentic tickets for all sales to this event in the past, which gives us no doubt that those tickets will be legitimate.

If you have any questions about the Super Bowl LVI selling process on TickPick, please do not hesitate to contact us at our support email at [email protected] or our phone line at 845-538-4567.

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