Beyond StubHub

Okay I’ll admit it, StubHub revolutionized what it meant to buy and sell tickets on the internet. They literally created a thriving industry, and rode their success to the top of that industry along the way. Stubhub was bought out by Ebay in 2007 for a reported cost of $310 Million. Unfortunately, that’s where they became complacent. The site has remained largely unchanged for some time now, and StubHub’s policies have become mostly stagnant. StubHub’s Fees are still 10% for buyers and 15% for sellers and you aren’t even able to bid on tickets or negotiate price. In the emerging world of internet based business, where an idea can only get you so far and user experience trumps all, StubHub seems to be lagging. If StubHub fees stay high and it sticks with its poor userability and mediocre customer service, it may soon go the way of MySpace, leaving a void for the Facebook of the ticket industry.

Buyers Fees | Sellers Fees

Market Place
Buyers Fees
What You Pay
Sellers Fees
Seller’s Profits
TicketExchange 20% $120 <5% <$95
TickPick ZERO $100 15% $85
Empire Tickets 8% $108 Market
TicketLiquidator 18% $118 10% $90
RazorGator 25% $125 15% $85
VividSeats 24% $124 10% $90
TicketsNow 20% $120 15% $85
TicketNetwork 18.5% $118.50 10% $90
Ebay ZERO $100 6 – 11%* $89 – $94
Stubhub 10% $110 15% $85

Your Options

When I say hundreds, I literally mean hundreds. This list is comprised of the biggest and best secondary ticket marketplaces, which means they charge the lowest fees for the most part. Of course, you can see two obvious winner’s above. TickPick and Ebay. Ebay ticket fees are low and Ebay’s an amazing place to buy and sell all of your random stuff, garage sale style, but Ebay isn’t meant for buying and selling tickets. It does have a leg up on it’s competition in one area though: bidding. Most sites don’t allow you to bid on tickets, which means that the price you see is the price you get. TickPick went ahead and one upped the competition. They allow you to bid on multiple tickets at the same time. So, unlike Ebay, where you scour pages for a ticket that looks about right and then bid on just that one, TickPick allows you to pick the price range and general location of your seat and bid on all tickets that satisfy your requirements.

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