Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has announced his upcoming LP Rap or Go to the Leaguea project which follows an EP that was released earlier this month, the hard-hitting The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It.  2 Chainz knows how to rattle his fans. The news of his forthcoming LP—its recency to The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It, or its mere existence—wasn’t even the largest gesture 2 Chainz made this week. No, it was the way in which 2 Chainz announced Rap or Go to the League. 

The trailer 2 Chainz unveiled to announce his upcoming LP featured a blimp repping the album title, and 2 Chainz himself riding around in it. You can check out the announcement below.

2 Chainz shared the news officially at Def Jam’s NBA All-Star Party and even had his blimp in tow, according to HipHop-N-More. It appears that 2 Chainz is gearing up to release a particularly political album for his fifth studio record release, a trend we’ve seen lately based on the growing racial tensions in America. Since 2 Chainz has been and continues to be surrounded by an incredibly talented and vocal group of musicians, we think Rap or Go to the League will be a star-studded success.

2 Chainz

In response to his ad, 2 Chainz went on to point out that Atlanta artists were among the first to use grand marketing tactics like billboards, while noting the grandness of his own strategy. “It’s all about next level genius ideas,” he said. “What better marketing tool besides a floating billboard?”

You’ve got us there, 2 Chainz. Be on the look out for singles from the forthcoming Rap or Go to the League, tour announcements, and more.

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