Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan Gets Lost in Own Corn Maze

There are many honors one can bestow on the figureheads of professional sports. Usually this comes in the form of MVP trophies, Coach of the Year awards, All-Star nods, Hall of Fame enshrinement and the like.

Stokoe Farms in Scottsvale, New York has elected to honor Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan in an entirely different way–with a corn maze created in his likeness.

Needing to see it for himself, the former New York Jets headman took the 25-minute trip from the Bills practice facility to Scottsvale to tackle the maze in person.

Although Ryan is heralded as a defensive specialist, he had no defense for the twists and turns of the maze. The Bills coach apparently got lost in his own maze.

Bills fans are undoubtedly hoping that Ryan is more adept at guiding their team through the rigors of an NFL season than he was at finding the end of this agricultural labyrinth.

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