George Strait Farewell Tour – Is This Really George Strait’s Last Tour?

There are only three things I can say with assurance about the humble, and loath-to-talk-about-himself George Strait. He’s a damn good singer, belting old-style (sad to think of it as old-style, but with some pop-country nowadays, I guess it has become that) tunes like nobody’s business. He knows how to work a stage. Fans lucky enough to get tickets to his 2013-2014 Farewell Tour have been gushing about how amazing seeing him live his (see George Strait Concert Reviews for more on that). And finally, he’s a man of his word. Which is perhaps why he says so little, and perhaps why it’s so shocking that all but a few really believe this will be George Strait’s last tour.

“It’s been a hard decision for me to make, but as far as touring goes, I’ve decided I’m not going to tour anymore after the next two years.”

Or so he said when he first announced his 2013-2014 Farewell Tour, and for a while, it truly seemed like The King of Country was ready to pass the crown. The final song, titled “When The Credits Roll” on his latest album is a very clear metaphor for how Strait was feeling starting the tour – ready to take a step back from his life on the road after the curtain comes down on his final show.

You don’t know how much you love something until you watch it leave, and while he was saying goodbye to all his fans in Texas, California, and across the country, he was reminding himself of all that we would be leaving behind if he were to quit the road for good. In a sense then, it came as both a huge surprise, and no surprise at all, when before launching the second-leg of his Farewell Tour, happening now, he announced that he signed a deal with MCA Records to create five more albums over the next ten years. That’s some kind of retirement.

And sure enough, when it came time to announce the second leg of his tour, he not-so-subtly let everyone know how he was feeling:

“My plan is to keep doing things here and there when I feel like it and hopefully those opportunities will come along for me ‘cause I can’t see hanging it up for good ever. As long as I’m enjoying it, I’m gonna keep doing it.”

What do you think? Is this really the last time George Strait will tour?

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