Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour: What to Expect

In late October, Justin Timberlake had to delay his monumental “Man of the Woods” Tour by cancelling a show at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. Timberlake explained, “my vocal cords are severely bruised… I’m gonna make this up to you.” Unfortunately, the postponement was followed by more cancellations, prompting Timberlake to share an update in early December. He was on the mend, but that doctors had recommended he hold off on singing until January.

Now, JT is back on stage. From the expansive, self-sprouting catwalk, to the intimate moments between JT and his acoustic guitar, the “Man of the Woods” Tour has recovered its star power to be one of the best concerts in 2019.

Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake’s fifth solo LP and first since 2013’s 20/20 Experience, is a slight departure from his soul-pop fueled bangers. But by incorporating acoustic, Americana influences, JT also broadened the range of what could occur on stage. Now, in addition to JT’s impeccable choreography and steadfast rhythm and blues section, his live shows incorporate a heartfelt exploration through his Nashville roots.

The Stage

When announcing the ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour, JT said that it was really the outdoors which inspired the content of his fifth LP, and that their main goal for the album’s promotional tour would be to bring the outside, in.

For the ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour, JT’s production team has created an extensive, ‘S’ shaped catwalk that is flanked by two fake clusters of trees. Not to mention the the last section of catwalk, fortified by a high-tech feature that allows it to light up and sprout 18-inches of grass on command—keep your eyes peeled during “Man of the Woods” and 2007’s “Until the End of Time”.

JT, his back up dancers, and his incredible, longtime band The Tennessee Kids have no issue filling up the assembled spaces. And by spreading the stage into the crowd, more audience members get the chance to be close to the action. You can check out his affectionate, ‘Man of the Woods’ selfies below to see just how close JT is willing to get with his fans.



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The Set List

The ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour has each show clocking in at around 2 hours of songs, ranging from Justified to JT’s latest release. The concerts kick off with “Filthy“, one of two Man of the Woods singles which reached Billboard 100‘s Top 10, and conclude with the feel-good Trolls single “Can’t Stop the Feeling“.

Justin Timberlake

Before Timberlake’s brief ‘Man of the Woods’ postponement, the set included a brief interlude of campfire covers. Now, JT is showing off his musical agility by performing stripped-down, acoustic versions of his own material, such as “Drink You Away” and “What Goes Around…Comes Around”. During this quieter interlude JT takes a second to remind audiences of where he came from, and the nights of his past which led to the making of some of his best music.

For those of you who came to hear JT’s more soul-pop driven singles of the past, don’t worry. JT’s ‘Man of the Woods’ Setlist includes timeless hits such as “Senorita”, “Mirrors”, and “Cry Me a River”. You can check out the set list from the return of JT’s ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour below.

‘Man of the Woods’ Set List (Charlotte 1/8):

1. “Filthy”

2. “Midnight Summer Jam”

3. “LoveStoned”

4. “SexyBack”

5. “Man of the Woods”

6. “Higher Higher”

7. “Señorita”

8. “Suit & Tie”

9. “My Love”

10. “Cry Me a River”

11. “Mirrors”

12. “Drink You Away”

13. “Until the End of Time” (acoustic)

14. “What Goes Around… Comes Around”

15. “Say Something”

16. “Montana”

17. “Summer Love”

18. “Rock Your Body”

19. “Supplies”

20. “Like I Love You”

21. “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”


Tickets and Tour Dates

Last year, the box office showed that Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour had sold over 37 million in ticket sales, earning him the No. 1 spot on Billboard‘s Hottest Tours. The Live Nation-produced ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour is booked through the end of next January, with treks through both North America and Europe.

The ‘Man of the Woods’ trek is Timberlake’s first major touring effort since his ’20/20 Experience’ World Tour, which began November 2013. That tour reached five continents and racked up 232 million in revenue, from 1.9 million tickets sold for 128 concerts. At the rate JT is selling tickets for his ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour, he could be looking at an aggregate 275 million in revenue by the time of its conclusion.

Justin Timberlake tickets are, by all appearances, the hottest concert ticket you can buy this season. Scroll down for the full list of ‘Man of the Woods’ Tour dates!

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