Detailed Los Angeles Rams Tailgate Guide

The Los Angeles Rams have recently moved into the new SoFi Stadium which hosted the 2022 Super Bowl. Because of how LA is spaced out and how popular the new stadium is, it’s extremely difficult to find a good Rams tailgate spot. Therefore, if you’re one of the many Rams fans ready cheer on the team, but not sure where to tailgate, keep reading.

In this blog, we detail Rams tailgate rules, parking lots, and more. We also include how to get cheap Los Angeles Rams tickets with no fees.

Also, check out our Los Angeles Rams seating chart to help you find the best seat at SoFi Stadium.

Where are the Los Angeles Rams Tailgate Lots?

From the already limited SoFi stadium parking lots, all of them are sold to Season Ticket members on an annual basis. In addition, they sell out so fast that your chances of grabbing an official Rams parking pass are slim. Below we’ll include the Rams parking map for those interested.

Los Angeles Rams Parking Map

Los Angeles Rams Tailgating Rules

It’s important to follow Rams tailgating rules to not risk getting kicked out and losing tailgating privileges. Below you’ll find a condensed list of Rams tailgating rules and Rams prohibited items. Find more detailed tailgating rules on the official website. The only tailgating lots are in the Pink Zone Lots (I, J, P, and Q).

LA Rams Tailgating Rules

  • Tailgating isn’t allowed outside of dedicated tailgating areas
  • Tailgating in ADA marked parking stalls is prohibited
  • Tailgating in electric vehicle marked parking stalls is prohibited
  • No overnight parking or storing
  • There is no reserved parking
  • The use of tents within parking lot tailgating areas is allowed so long as the tents do not encroach into the marked fire lane
  • Vehicles exceeding a size of 9 feet by 18 feet are not allowed within parking lot tailgating areas
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian walkways shall remain clear and unobstructed at all times
  • Natural gas and propane grills are allowed within parking lot tailgating areas
  • Charcoal grills, wood stoves, oil fryers, open-pit fires, and/or other cooking stations aren’t allowed
  • Glass containers are not permitted
  • Sale of food or beverage items by guests is prohibited
  • In parking lot tailgating areas, guests may bring and prepare food for consumption by their family and friends only
  • Small portable electric generators (600W or less) are permitted in parking lot tailgating areas
  • Drones, remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles or other similar motorized vehicles/devices are prohibited
  • Portable public address systems are not permitted
  • The use of megaphones, airhorns, and other noise making devices is prohibited
  • Advertising or commercial activities by guests are not permitted
  • Selling of items or soliciting of any promotional or marketing activities by guests is prohibited
  • Disorderly conduct is not permitted
  • Picketing, political campaigning, signature gathering, or soliciting or distribution of any kind, including promotional marketing, is not permitted
  • Weapons or firearms are strictly prohibited
  • Tailgating areas must be kept in a neat and orderly condition, and all trash must be disposed of in proper receptacles
  • Liquids other than water may not be poured out onto the ground

How To Get a Los Angeles Rams Parking Pass

It’s easy to buy a Los Angeles Rams parking pass when buying tickets on TickPick. All you have to do is add in a Rams parking pass to your ticket purchase. Click the orange button below the seating map to see parking pass options. These won’t be official parking passes, however we include a list of nearby, popular lots for Rams games.

The Pink Zone

These are the only official parking lots for Los Angeles Rams tailgating. Pink Zone Lots are in I, J, P, and Q. They’re near the south side of the stadium right by Hollywood Park Casino. Tailgaters have lots of space in these hard-to-get lots.

Unofficial LA Rams Tailgating

Because it’s hard to grab an official Rams tailgate spot, there are some other options for fans to head to.

Los Angeles Rams Bars

There are two game-day bars closest to SoFi Stadium that offer a great Rams tailgating experience. These bars are Lavender Blue and the Century Bar & Grill in the Hollywood Park Casino. For those willing to go a bit further, you can go to Flights, Champ City, or The GS Bar. Of course, there’ll be lots of Rams tailgate options in LA proper.

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