Monster Tour Setlist: Eminem and Rihanna Setlist + Predictions

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Now that Eminem and Rihanna have kicked off their three-city Monster Tour, we have the complete Monster Tour Setlist for you below.
Summary: After starting the show with a few performances from both Eminem and Rihanna, the Monster Tour setlist eseentially devolves into a Rihanna concert followed by an Eminem concert, before the come together at the end to perform their hit The Monster. I really wanted to like it, but honestly, the setlist design is lazy. Under my setlist predictions, I labelled the format Eminem and Rihanna went with for their tour as the worst possible option. It’s easy to have Rihanna do her bit, followed by Eminem doing his bit, with transitions provided by the few songs they’ve done together. What’s much more difficult, but would provide a much greater experience is trying to figure out Rihanna’s Pour It Up can segway into Eminem’s 3 a.m., and how Eminem’s 3 a.m. can become Rihanna’s Man Down in a manner that keeps fans of either performer on their feet and excited throughout the entire concert.

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Monster Tour Setlist Predictions

The Monster Tour jets off in LA. What will Eminem and Rihanna play as they jet off across the United States on their 6-show, 3-city tour? It’s anyone’s guess, but we gave it our best shot, and here’s what we believe to be at least the outline of the upcoming Monster Tour Setlist. Enjoy!

The Worst Option

In my humble opinion, the worst setlist Eminem and Rihanna could go with for The Monster Tour could go with, would be be to have almost two separate concerts – first Eminem, and then Rihanna – one after the other. While in one sense, it would allow the true Eminem fans and the true Rihanna fans to not have to suffer through each others music, in reality, it would destroy one of the greatest reasons two artists tour together. Keeping them separate would be easy. Weaving Eminem and Rihanna’s dichotomous music together into a collective fabric would be a work of art.

The Best Option

With that in mind, here’s what I’m hoping The Monster Tour setlist actually looks like:

There is no reason for them not to start with The Monster. It’s a smash hit with a great energy, and not quite as dark (in my humble opinion) as Love The Way You Lie, so it makes a great starting point. Of course, the part of me that likes Eminem better than Rihanna wants him to come out with Lose Yourself, but one can only dream . . .

After their opening song, they’ll split into performing some of their own songs. I’m guessing that Eminem will start first since he has a larger and much more well-known repertoire. I also believe that these songs will follow the general order of his most recent appearances at Wimbledon, as he won’t have much time to prepare for a new order between now and August 7th. Giving a respite to Eminem’s angry and hard-hitting lyrics will be some of Rihanna’s more mellowing and uplifting tunes. Also, unlike Eminem, Rihanna hasn’t performed in quite a while, so we can play loose with her previous setlists.

Not wanting to totally kill the vibe, Eminem will slip into fun-mode as well, before getting his final song of this min-set an edge, allowing Rihanna to easily transition into her darker side as well. There are lots of ways he could do this, here’s one:

No encore. Unfortunately, just like at the On The Run Tour with Beyonce and Jay-z, there’s no way for them to do an encore without someone playing second fiddle. And if they saved Love The Way You Lie for the encore, it would be waaay to obvious.

The Monster Tour – Concert Dates

Aug 77:30 PM Eminem & RihannaRose Bowl – Pasadena, CA From $43
Aug 87:30 PM Eminem & RihannaRose Bowl – Pasadena, CA From $73
Aug 167:30 PM Eminem & RihannaMetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ From $80
Aug 177:30 PM Eminem & RihannaMetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ From $94
Aug 227:30 PM Eminem & RihannaComerica Park – Detroit, MI From $98
Aug 237:30 PM Eminem & RihannaComerica Park – Detroit, MI From $93

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