Super Bowl 57 Seating Chart Guide | State Farm Stadium 2023

This year’s Super Bowl 57 will be held at State Farm Stadium, which is the home stadium for the league’s Arizona Cardinals, who compete in the NFC West Division.

Like all Super Bowl games, the Super Bowl Seating Chart is mostly comprised of zone seating. Zone seating means that ticket holders don’t get specific seat assignments until a couple weeks or days before the game.

Therefore, if you’re a football fan looking to buy Super Bowl LVII Tickets that are listed as zone seating or exact section, you’ll want to be informed before making your purchase. That’s because when you buy zone tickets, you need to assume that your seats will be the worst seats within that zone.

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State Farm Stadium Virtual Seating Views

We know how big of a commitment it is to purchase Super Bowl LVII tickets, and fans have plenty of questions on what their seat view would be if they decide to buy one set of seats over another. So we wanted to be the first ticket marketplace to provide full State Farm Stadium virtual seating views for fans that give them a 360-degree view of seats from anywhere in the stadium.

You can hover over any Super Bowl ticket listing at State Farm Stadium on TickPick’s website or a free mobile app that’s available on Google or the Apple App Store to get full 360-degree seat views from any section. All you have to do is drag your mouse in any direction or tilt your phone/drag your finger to see the view from that section.

Interactive Super Bowl Seating Chart

(Hover over any section for row information)


Super Bowl Seating – Zone Seats for Super Bowl 57

Some sellers don’t know which Super Bowl game tickets they’re going to receive, and the “zones” differ depending on where you look. This logic also applies to Super Bowl suites in some cases.  All Super Bowl zones for Super Bowl LVII can be found below. 

Upper Endzone
401-402, 423-433, 454-455
Upper Corner
403-407, 418-422, 434-438, 449-453
Upper Sideline
408-410, 415-417, 439-441, 446-448
Upper Premium
411-414, 442-445
Club Level Corner
201-207, 216-222, 227-233, 242-248
Club Level Sideline
208-210, 213-215, 234-236, 239-241
Club Level Premium
211-212, 237-238
Lower Endzone
116-122, 138-144
Lower Corner
101-104, 113-115, 123-125, 134-137
Lower Sideline
105-107, 110-112, 126-128, 131-133
Lower Premium
108-109, 129-130

How Many Tickets Will Be Available for Super Bowl LVI?

The listed capacity for State Farm Stadium is 63,400, but that number can be extended to just over 73,000 fans for major events like the Super Bowl. At this point, the final capacity numbers have not been announced.

Super Bowl Seat Numbers

The Super Bowl seat numbers follow a common stadium pattern where seat number 1 is always on the right side of the section when facing the field. For example, seat number 1 in section 121 will be closest to section 122, and the highest seat number in section 121 will be closest to section 120.

100-Level Seating at Super Bowl LVII

The 100s level sections each contain 41 rows with a standardized 18 seats in most sections, with the exception of Sections 101 and 137 in the corners near the southeast end zone that have 32 rows, and those end zone sections in between, which are also 32 rows.

Club Level Seating at Super Bowl LVII

The 200s level at State Farm Stadium is where the club seating is located, including the 50-Yard Lounge, Flight Lounge, and Bubble Lounge. These clubs provide amenities like private restrooms, direct access to club seats, extra comfortable seating, and upscale food and beverage options. Each club section has 12 or fewer rows. There are nearly 7.500 club seats in total and the 200-level is divided into Club Sideline, Club Goal Line, and Club Corner seats. 

Where are the Team Benches Located at Super Bowl LVII?

It’s safe to assume that the home team sideline will also be the same sideline that the Arizona Cardinals have their team bench located, which is in front of sections 107-110. The NFC Super Bowl representative will host the game as the home team, so the NFC will be on that sideline. The AFC representative’s sideline and team bench will be located on the visitor’s side in front of sections 128-131. 

Obstructed View Seating at the Super Bowl

There are no obstructed view seats that we know of within State Farm Stadium for the Super Bowl.

Where to Sit if it Rains at Super Bowl LVII

State Farm Stadium is roofed and will protect fans from the elements, so rain or weather will not be a factor for Super Bowl LVII.

Super Bowl & State Farm Stadium Seating Guide

Now that you have a better sense of how Zone seating at the Super Bowl works, you should check out our State Farm Stadium Seating Chart for a comprehensive review of the stadium for the Arizona Cardinals. The review includes seat views, seat numbers, row numbers, and tips on which are the best seats and worst seats for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Ticket Information

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