Which is why fans can’t miss their chance to see The Black Keys this Fall, as they tour behind their ninth LP ‘Let’s Rock’. The new album finds Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney in true, classic rock form. They realized their mission of getting back to basics, to the Rubber Factory and El Camino grunge.

‘Let’s Rock’ is a testament to their mastery. Five years after Turn Blue, the duo has zero interest in shifting gears. They know who they are: Modern day combatants for the rock and roll cause. Brawling and shredding like the initial days of garage rock, when the genre was nothing but a moral disorder.


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Though less raunchy and whimsical than their earlier efforts, ‘Let’s Rock’ makes for a solid, cathartic, and edgy listen. There’s no mistaking it:Let’s Rock’ is rock. It’s made with grit, desperation, groove, and angst. There are screeching guitars and roiling drums. Everything is streamlined through Carney and Auerbach, who are fearlessly fortified to lead. The Black Keys are, without a doubt, in the best shape they’ve been for some time.

When’s the last time you were in the hands of true, classic rock stars? When’s the last time you lost yourself in a bluesy guitar solo? Or a shimmering guitar ballad? When’s the last time you heard a rambling rock song that brought you back to the road trips and vacations of your youth? The “Let’s Rock” Tour promises those transportive experiences, the ones only rock music can provide.

The “Let’s Rock” Tour will begin September 23rd, when the duo is fresh off a headlining set at the Life is Beautiful Music Festival. In addition to The Black Keys, Chance the Rapper and Post Malone will serve as headliners. Unless The Black Keys announce a surprise show before Life is Beautiful, that will be the first time fans hear ‘Let’s Rock’ in its live setting. And since The Black Keys will hit mostly arenas and stadiums, a music festival will be a good litmus test for the “Let’s Rock” Tour.

The verdict is still out, but we think The Black Keys will end up performing some incredible shows. In our opinion, the “Let’s Rock” Tour has the potential to become one of the best rock concert tours of 2019. Don’t miss your chance to hear The Black Keys, ‘Let’s Rock’, and the resurrection of one of the best genres to ever exist.

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