Vic Mensa Releases ‘The Manuscript’ EP

After abruptly announcing The Manuscript EP earlier this week, Vic Mensa dropped his latest project today via Soundcloud yesterday. The Manuscript, produced by Pharrell, No I.D, and others, is quite the treat for those who’ve been following the Chicago rapper’s career, which began to take off even before the rapid rise of fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper. If people were starting to snooze on Vic Mensa’s career, they don’t have a choice in the matter any further, because The Manuscript EP is only the beginning. Don’t forget, he still has his debut full length to drop.

According to a Rolling Stone interview with Vic Mensa, The Manuscript is just a “capsule” of work that will precede a full album, due to arrive sometime this Summer. Instead of dropping single, single, then album, Vic decided that it was more fitting to drop a 4-song sample in order to show the full scope of the record. Songs such as “Rollin Like a Stoner” continue the method of storytelling Vic Mensa began to perfect over the course of There’s A Lot Going On. Vic’s writing process seems to be hinged upon creating a a journey for his listeners, his tracks being the interconnected stories that vary in detail and brevity.

Vic Mensa

But in addition to storytelling, Vic Mensa has also set out to make it known that he can spit rhyme like the best of them. “OMG“, featuring Pusha T and produced by Pharrell, is described by Vic as a “dope ass rap song”. The slightly sinister beat from Pharrell, paired with some of the wordsmith’s best lyrics yet—such as rhyming Frida Kahlo with Alicia Machado and dropping disses at Bill O’ Reilly and Ronald Reagan—make for one of the most impressive songs we’ve seen from Vic Mensa. And that’s saying a lot, considering the talent and vulnerability packed in his last EP There’s A Lot Going On. 

There’s no comparing Vic Mensa’s last EP with his latest. The caliber of rap, composition, and production has greatly surpassed what we’ve seen from him in the past. But seeing as Vic Mensa began talking to record labels when he was 17, filled in for Del the Funky Homosapien of the Gorillaz two years later, toured with J. Cole and Wale for the What Dreams May Come tour, and went on to work with Kanye West on “U Mad”, it’s no surprise that this rapper hailing in from Chi-Town dropped such an impressive EP. We couldn’t be more excited for his debut album to drop this Summer.


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