We understand that buying Super Bowl Tickets can be stressful and difficult. To make it easier, we’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This year’s Super Bowl experience should feel relatively normal in comparison to what the experience was last year during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

How Will I Receive My Super Bowl LVI Tickets?

While in past years, TickPick held a party for our Super Bowl ticket buyers at our pickup location that was always close to the stadium, this year, TickPick will not have an in-person presence in Los Angeles for Super Bowl LVI. This is because nearly all Super Bowl tickets in Los Angeles will be mobile transfer only this season, and not hard stock as they have been in the past, meaning that in-person pickup won’t be necessary for Super Bowl LVI in LA.

This is a safe means of delivery that ensures the buyer receives the only QR code available for that particular ticket, which cannot be duplicated. This also should make it a much smoother process for buying tickets on the actual gameday, given fans won’t have to worry about picking up tickets at a specific location and rather can remain close by the stadium near the parking lots and head right into the venue once they receive the ticket transfer.

What Items Can I Bring Into SoFi Stadium?

At the Super Bowl, security will be tight and fans will be required to pass through a metal detector before entering the stadium. Check out the full SoFi Stadium guidelines for more information on what is permitted inside the venue. We’ve compiled what items and behaviors are prohibited at the venue.

• Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs or substances

• Animals or pets (not including service animals)

• Any item that could obstruct a guest’s view of the field

• Any item that is deemed dangerous or perceived to be dangerous, unsafe (spikes, sharp looking objects, mallets, etc.) or offensive

• Artificial noisemakers (e.g. cowbells or air horns)

• Audio recording equipment

• Bags, Backpacks or Purses which do not meet Bag Policy guidelines — http://www.lacoliseum.com/index.php/bag-policy/

• Balls, Frisbees and inflatables

• Banners, sticks, poles or rods

• Beach chairs, folding chairs and non-approved seat cushions

• Bottles, cans, containers, thermoses and flasks (Alcoholic and otherwise)

• Chairs of any type

• Fireworks, candles, flares or balloons

• Food obtained outside the venue*

• Glitter or confetti

• Hard or Soft Coolers, Baskets, Packages or Containers

• Lighters

• Laser pointers

• Mace and pepper gas

• Masks or other costume pieces that obscure the face

• Peanuts in the shell

• Professional Cameras (lenses longer than 3″) and Camera Equipment, Selfie-Sticks, Tripods and Video or Audio Recording Equipment

◦ Projectiles

◦ Skateboards

◦ Strollers or carseats

◦ Toy or replica weapons

◦ Umbrellas

◦ Weapons including firearms and knifes

Where are Zone Seats i.e Lower Endzone, Corner, etc.?

Many sellers have access to Super Bowl tickets but are not told the exact location until much closer to the game. Instead, they are given a zone, which is an area of sections that the tickets will be in. See our Super Bowl Seating Chart Guide which includes details regarding all of the zone sections.

Unfortunately, some sellers don’t know which Super Bowl game tickets that they’re going to receive, and the “zones” differ depending on where you look. This logic also applies to Super Bowl luxury suites, in some cases. We don’t have the zone breakdown yet for the 2020 Super Bowl, but expect to have it later on in 2021

Upper Level Corner  
Upper Level Sideline  
Upper Level Premium  
200 Level Corner
200 Level Sideline  
200 Level Premium  
Lower Level End Zone  
Lower Level Corner  
Lower Level Sideline  
Lower Level Premium  
Upper Level Suites  
Lower Level Suites  
Club Suites  

How Many Tickets Will Be Available for Super Bowl LV?

The final capacity has not yet been determined for the 2022 Super Bowl. SoFi Stadium has a normal capacity of 70,000, which can be expanded to just over 100,000 for major events. 

Can Super Bowl Tickets Be Shipped?

Unfortunately, no. With FedEx or any other shipping option, we would risk the loss of tickets which cannot be reissued. Over many years we’ve found that local pickup — and this year, mobile transfer — is the safest approach for both TickPick and for the fan. The good news is that so many tickets will be available to be delivered to a buyer’s mobile phone, that the risk of shipping should be almost completely removed from the equation.

Why Do Some Seller Notes Say “Ship By?”

In the seller’s notes you may see someone say tickets will ship by 2/1/22, that is just standard terminology; tickets will be transferred electronically no later than the day prior to the Super Bowl.

When Should I Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

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Is TickPick a Trustworthy Site to Buy Super Bowl Tickets?

Of course, we wouldn’t still be in business if we weren’t. You can see all of our press mentions here, as well as some of our reviews here.

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