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Super Bowl Tickets 2019

Tickets for Super Bowl 53 are just now starting to become available. As Super Bowl 53 gets closer you can certainly expect inventory and options to increase. We strongly suggest you giving our support team a call to get a better understanding of what your options are for the next Big Game. Call us anytime at: 845-538-4567.

Cheapest 2019 Super Bowl Tickets

The 2019 Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta where the Falcons play their home games. In an area replete with football fanatics and many of those fans of the Falcons who have competed for Super Bowls in recent seasons, including falling just short of a victory two years ago, prices could very well be driven by a successful season by the venue's home team. If it's anything like last year in Minneapolis, where an incredible season by the Vikings propped up prices as the season went on, fans may want to look to buy sooner rather than later if the Falcons look like real contenders. In any case, be sure to find the absolute cheapest, no fee Super Bowl tickets available anywhere on TickPick in 2019! It's also important to note that TickPick guarantees the cheapest super bowl tickets since we have no service fees, (just a modest 10% seller commission) while all other ticket exchanges have 20% to 25% in fees. Lastly, to monitor Super Bowl ticket prices one may want to download the TickPick app and set price alerts to be notified when cheaper tickets become available. Of course if you have any questions please reach out to us at 845-538-4567.

Super Bowl 53 Ticket Prices Compared to Years Past

As of December 27th, 2018, the cheapest Super Bowl 53 tickets were going for $3,467, that was up from $3,610 at the start of November 2018, but down from $4,610 that December 1st. It's no surprise that the cheapest Super Bowl 52 tickets were for seats furthest from the field, called Upper Level Endzone seats. Naturally, as the quality of the seats increase, so do the prices. For example, at the same time the cheapest Lower End Zone seats were listed for sale at $4,600, the best Super Bowl seats in the 100 level between the 30 yard line and 50 yard line were listed for $8,748 . As of July 25th, 2018, tickets for Super Bowl 53 were available for as cheap as $3,900. One can argue that there are better seats available at a better deal. For example, you could have gotten seats in the Lower Level Corner for $5,118 (that's in sections 104, 105, 115, 116, 122, 123, 133, or 134) at that same time. Some of the best Super Bowl seats in the "Lower Level Premium" zone were available for $8,913. In short, ticket prices for Super Bowl 53 have continued and will continue to fluctuate during the rest of 2018 and into the new year. For advice and as a way to monitor Super Bowl ticket prices, we'd suggest that you sign up for TickPick's Super Bowl Newsletter.

Zone Seating vs. Specific Super Bowl Seating

One of the best ways to save big on the cheapest Super Bowl tickets is to consider looking for zone seating listings, which are listings that are not going to show the exact section or row, but instead a particular "zone" that encompasses a specific area of sections in the venue in which your tickets are guaranteed to be located. The reason for zone listings is that brokers who are selling Super Bowl tickets don't receive their ticket allocation from the season ticket holders until up to the week of the game. The NFL is able to promise the ticket holders a zone where their seats will be located, but not yet the exact section or row, which is why the brokers who sell these tickets are able to fulfill their guarantee of delivering tickets within this zone. For example, if you look on TickPick's map for the Super Bowl, you'll see that by hovering over any section that is marked as "Lower Level Sideline," it will highlight and point to listings that are specifically in this zone, which would include sections 106, 107, 113, 114, 124, 125, 131, and 132. When it's time for the seller to fulfill your order and deliver your tickets that will be picked up in Atlanta, they will provide tickets in your zone's sections only. While we understand that a buyer would want to know exactly where they're sitting for the big game ahead of time, being guaranteed a seat in a certain zone of the stadium and pulling the trigger ahead of waiting until days before the game is a way that has been proven to save fans money in the past. Be sure to check out the cheapest Super Bowl zone seating tickets on TickPick that can save buyers 10-20% due to NO service fees.

Super Bowl Prices Forecasting

TickPick has created a Super Bowl Prices Forecasting Tool to help enable our SmartFans to make an informed decision on when to buy tickets for the Super Bowl. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our support staff with Super Bowl-related questions by phone at 845-538-4567 or by email at [email protected]!

Super Bowl 53 Matchup is Set

Super Bowl 53's matchup is set, with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to face off against Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams after each team won their respective conference championship games in thrilling overtime fashion. What makes this upcoming game so enticing is the battle of wits that will occur between the 66-year-old Bill Belichick and 33-year-old Sean McVay. Mcvay is known as one of the best offensive minds to come along in many, many years, while Belichick is known as the architech of the LT-era Giants defenses of the '80s, as well as getting the absolute most out of his Patriots team in recent years when old stars like Bruschi, Seymour, and Law have gone into retirement. No matter the case, this should be one of the most thrilling Super Bowls in recent history, and you'll want to be a part of it if you're a Rams or Pats fan. Be sure to find the cheapest Super Bowl tickets on TickPick, where you'll save hundreds or thousands by NEVER paying for any service fees!

Team Location's Impact on Super Bowl Ticket Prices

While we've seen geography play a huge part in the Super Bowl ticket market in recent years, Super Bowl 53 should play out a bit differently. Super Bowl 51 ticket prices were largely propped up by an excellent Dallas Cowboys team who had confident fans envisioning an in-state Super Bowl with the game being played in Houston. Last year, the Minnesota Vikings were one game shy of becoming the first Super Bowl team to play in its home stadium, and Vikings fans aggressively bought tickets before their team's fate was known and ultimately got burned and had to re-sell their tickets, sometimes at a loss. This year, the Falcons will not be a factor to play in their home stadium, but the Rams and Patriots have clinched their spot in the Big Game. Expect it to be a Patriots-heavy crowd this year, as New England fans have traveled as well as any fan base in recent memory, despite it being essentially an annual pilgrammage at this point. Rams fans will be a wild card, as it remains to be seen how much of their still-growing fan base is willing to make the trip across the country to catch their team play. There's plenty of money in LA, which may be the saving grace for the team, and prevent it from being something of a 75% pro-Patriots crowd in ATL this season.

The Best Super Bowl Tickets

Unlike any other ticket site, TickPick is the only place where you can sort Super Bowl tickets based on the seat quality. If you are looking for the best seats within a few sections, this feature is tremendously helpful. Use the interactive seating chart to select the sections that you are interested in and then sort by Seat Quality. The relevant listings will be ordered by what are considered the best Super Bowl tickets. And don't every worry about overpaying for seats that aren't worth it. The Score Report is still available to help you decide which tickets you should buy.

How to Save on Super Bowl Tickets

There are a bunch of ways you can get cheap Super Bowl tickets. First, pay no fees. Other ticket sellers and ticket marketplaces charge anywhere from 10% to 25% in hidden fees. On TickPick the price you see is the price you pay, so if you a're comparing prices, always make sure to compare the final price on the checkout page. Second, if ticket prices are still not to your satisfaction, try bidding on Super Bowl tickets. Go to the tickets page for the event you want to go to and click "Bid" in the upper left hand corner. From there, you can tell sellers what you want to pay for tickets and let them scramble to meet your price rather than the other way around.

Discount Super Bowl Tickets

Looking for a discount on our already no fee Super Bowl tickets? New users can sign up here for a $10 discount on Super Bowl tickets.

TickPick's Guarantee

All Super Bowl Tickets purchased through TickPick are 100% guaranteed through our Buyer Trust Guarantee. We guarantee that your tickets are authentic and that you will receive your tickets on time. If you ever have any issues with tickets purchased through our site, we will work to replace them with tickets of equal or greater value. Furthermore, if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, we will refund your purchase. Don't believe us? See what our customers have to say.
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