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Buying Cheap Concert Tickets - Pay Attention to Fees

There's no doubt that the ticket industry is confusing, and buying concert tickets online can be even more so. TickPick's mission is to change that and everything we do revolves around the fan and transparency. The most obvious way we demonstrate this transparency is by showing all-in ticket prices, that means the price you see, is the price you pay. Unlike every other resale concert ticket site, we are upfront with pricing; on TickPick sellers pay a commission of 10% and buyers pay 0%. This is how we can guarantee that we have the cheapest concert tickets, because every other ticket site, charges between 20% and 25% in fees. But if you are comparing concert ticket prices, be careful as the competition is going to hide their fees, so make sure to compare the Total price on the final checkout page (don't be shocked to see 15% to 20% added on at the last second).

Tips for Buying Resale Concert Tickets

Despite what most people think, getting concert tickets at or near face value is easier than you'd expect. It really all depends on the event and the fanbase. Here we narrow down concerts into three different scenarios and provide suggestions as to how you should buy concert tickets for each situation.

A) Buying Sold Out Concert Tickets

When looking to buy tickets to a hot concert it's safe to assume that it will sell out on the initial on-sale. Of course you should try to buy face value tickets, but if you don't get tickets in that brief 15 to 30 minute window, there's still a short period in time where you can buy concert tickets without having to pay a heavy premium. Right after the concert sells out, ticket prices on resale ticket sites will remain low for a couple of hours. If you are quick, you can buy sold out tickets on a concert resale site like TickPick before ticket brokers and other ticket sellers increase their asking price, which they will do once they realize a concert is officially sold out. Tip: If you find tickets that you like, buy them ASAP; if it's that good of a deal, call or email immediately to make sure the seller confirms the order.

B) Popular Concert, But Not Sold Out

Here's the most interesting situation, which is that the concert isn't sold out yet, but there aren't many tickets to choose from. This is often where we'll see that it makes sense to buy discount concert tickets verses paying face value. Here's what we mean - you can in theory pay face value, and not have the ability to choose your specific seats. Or you can use TickPick and have the ability to choose the specific seats that you'd like to sit in. For this type of concert, most of the time resale concert tickets will be selling for face value. Furthermore, you can get an additional $10 off any concert tickets by signing up here.

C) Not Sold Out / Buying Last Minute Concert Tickets

The average cost of a concert ticket is $99. However, ticket prices for 70% of concerts will decrease as the event approaches. The average cost of a concert ticket one month in advance of a show is roughly $95. However, on average three days before a concert, tickets will have decreased in price by 25% from the peak price, and in the last 24 hours ticket prices will typically decrease an additional 5%.
Trying to time the market and buy concert tickets cheap, is a challenge and there's no guarantee. What we suggest is to listen to what your gut tells you, but if you have no clue when to buy tickets, we find the best time is between three to 14 days in advance. This insures an abundance of tickets to choose from and high likelyhood that prices are below their peak price.
Note: Not all ticket prices will decrease as the event approaches and some of the most desired concerts will increase in price. Thus if the concert you are looking to attend is a must, you should buy your concert tickets as soon as you find something you like.

Where Should you Sit at a Concert?

There are normally 3 main seating areas to choose from when you are searching for concert tickets. This can vary depending on the venue and stage layout.

A) General Admission Seating

General Admission seats are the closest area to the stage, but you are not given an assigned seat and the area is standing room only. This gives you an opportunity to get as close to the performer as possible (if you arrive early). If you don't want to stand for the entire show, or are bringing young kids, you should avoid these tickets. Some smaller venues can be entirely made up of General Admission areas, in which case you would want to purchase the cheapest tickets available.

B) Concert Floor Seating

Some events will have assigned seating in front of the stage instead of a General Admission area (some events have both). As a general rule you should only consider spending big bucks on the floor sections that are closer to the stage. There isn't any elevation on the floor, so sitting in one of the back floor sections won't provide you with a view that is worth the price. You should also try to find seats as close to the center of the stage when possible.

C) Lower/Upper Levels

Sitting in any of the sections that are within the normal venue layout will provide you with the elevation necessary to see over the people in the row front of you. The lower level sections right next to stage will get you closest to the performer (and will be the most expensive), but you will view the stage from the side. Generally speaking, you are better off in a low row in an upper level section close to the stage than in a lower level section that is farthest from the stage.

Features to Help you Buy Concert Tickets

1) Best bang for your buck

To help fans find the best concert tickets for their money, TickPick uses a trademarked algorithm to provide a Score Report for each ticket listing. This Score Report assigns each concert ticket listed for sale a grade from A+ to F based on price and seat quality (determined by location, view, and proximity to the stage). The Score Report will help you look through thousands of tickets to find the best value / best deal.

2) Bid on Concert tickets

One of our favorite ways to get cheap concert tickets is by bidding. Find the concert you want to go to and select "bid". You'll then be instructed to enter the quantity of tickets you are looking for, the sections you are interested in sitting in and the price you are willing to pay. The bidding platform will recommend a price and provide you with probability of your bid getting hit. Learn more about Bidding on concert tickets here.

3) Discount Concert Tickets

Bidding isn't for everyone, but saving some money is (at least we think so). For new customers, TickPick is offering a $10 discount towards any concert tickets. To get your discount sign up here.
Have any questions about buying concert tickets? We'd love to help. Feel free to call us at 845-538-4567 or submit a request here.
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