The 2014 MLB Postseason is exactly what the Major League Baseball needs. And if ticket prices are anyway to gauge interest and demand then the end of the 30 year playoff hiatus for the Kansas City Royals is certainly putting the MLB back in it’s glory days. Previously the 2013 World Series had the most expensive resale tickets recorded in MLB history. That is until now.

The Royals average World Series ticket prices are currently $2,448, which is 75% more than the Red Sox World Series average ticket prices at this time last year ($1,409). The Red Sox last World Series game did reach an average price of $2,181, however that is still 12% below the current Royals average ticket price is. By the way, the last team to experience a prolonged World Series drought? The 2004 Red Sox, who had an average World Series price of $1,500, or just under $1,900 when factoring in inflation.

World Series Ticket Price Comparison

One of the most interesting facts that no one is talking about is how much dry powder the Kansas City Royals fans have. What do we mean? Well unlike most postseason playoff teams that host 5-10 games, the Royals have only had 4 home playoff games. Their 8-0 record has never been done in MLB playoff history, not to mention that 3 of the 4 games at Kauffman Stadium have been series clinchers, which draw huge demand in general.

In many playoff finales what tends to happen is that many die-hard fans blow their cash load too early and aren’t able to spend $500 per a ticket for numerous games. This was seen last year when the NY Rangers had 10 home playoff games, at which point Stanley Cup tickets were selling for similar prices to the Conference championship, as the buyer pool’s discretionary income dwindled.

So what does that mean? Unlike most World Series rivalries which often has a softening in price and demand, due to the, “I spent all my money on game 7 of the conference championship”, the opposite is true for the Kansas City Royals. This is the perfect storm which will foster FOMO (fear of missing out) and record high World Series ticket prices.

2014 World Series Ticket Prices

Kansas City Royals Average World Series Prices

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