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How to Score Cheap College Football Tickets

College football fans are among the most diehard of any sport there is. With so many tickets allocated to students and alumni for each and every game, tickets that are available to be purchased by the general public can be scarce, driving the market and making these seats a hot commodity. As such, you'll want to always want to check out TickPick for the cheapest NCAA football tickets of any ticket marketplace because you'll NEVER pay any fees that other sites tack onto the listed price. Do yourself a favor and save money on sold out college football tickets with cheap, no fee tickets through TickPick!

1) Stop Paying Service Fees

There are many marketplaces to choose from when you are searching for cheap college football tickets. However there is only one marketplace that does not tack on 10-20% in fees when you reach the checkout page, and that marketplace is TickPick. NCAA football tickets can be expensive for rivalry games, so those extra fees can be the difference of hundreds of dollars. TickPick only charges sellers a 10% commission and no additional fees to the buyer. This leaves us with smaller margins, but it leaves you with more cash in your pocket!

2) Best Time to Buy College Football Tickets

It can be very challenging to buy college football tickets at the perfect time and at the cheapest price. Since the regular season is so important, a team's chance at the college football playoff or a bowl game can change in an instant. Here are a few helpful tips to help keep the cost of college football tickets low.
We do not advise buying college football tickets right after the schedule is announced. There are usually thousands of people searching for tickets at this time, which drives the prices up. We find that it is best to wait until the season starts when prices normalize and the excitement for the new season decreases.
If you are interested in attending a rivalry game, all bets are off. College football rivalries lead to high ticket prices and very little elasticity. If both teams are playing well prices are only going to increase, so if you are browsing tickets and see some options that you are interested in, we would advise pulling the trigger.
Finally, the easiest way to score the cheapest college football tickets is going to a teams early or midseason game against a week opponent. For these matchups tickets tend to be the cheapest the week of the game. They will also be a fraction of the cost of going to a conference game.

3) Where to Sit at a College Football Game

In general, the best seats for any football game, at any level, are going to be the ones closest to the 50 yard line. College football is a bit unique in that many of the stadiums are bleacher seating, meaning there are no seat backs. Normally the club seats or other designated sections will have seat backs, but the location within the stadium will vary for each team. Also, the stadium layouts vary much more than they do in the NFL, so we strongly suggest utilizing TickPick's Score Report which will show you where the best deals are.

4) Where to Buy College Football Tickets

There are several different ways you can purchase college football tickets. You can purchase directly from the team box office if the game is not sold out, purchase from a secondary ticket marketplace (like TickPick), scalp tickets outside the stadium, or search craigslist. We would strongly advise against scalping or craiglist, since the individuals you would be purchasing from won't be covering you with a BuyerTrust Guarantee like TickPick does. The real question you need to answer is if it will be cheaper purchasing on the secondary market or from the team directly. When you browse NCAA football tickets from the team's website, the price that they are offering will be more expensive than the season ticket price in most cases due to dynamic pricing, and fees will be tacked on at checkout. When searching on TickPick, you will see all in prices and the tickets will likely be cheaper than the offerings from the team since the majority of our sellers are season ticket holders.

5) Discount College Football Tickets

It is nearly impossible to find discount college football tickets, since the majority of games sell out. But, sites like TickPick will run promotions for new customers. Our $10 discount for new customers, combined with our No Fee Tickets, all but guarantee the cheapest college football tickets.

6) Bid on NCAA Football Tickets

If you are searching for NCAA football tickets and they are out of your price range, TickPick has another option for you. Our innovative bidding platform allows you to name your price for the sections you are interested in. With ticket prices constantly changing, sellers will have the option to hit a customers bid for NCAA tickets if prices drop to their offering price. You can learn about bidding on college football tickets here.
Here at TickPick we pride ourselves on product, ticket prices and customer support. If you need any assistance buying college football tickets, don't hesitate to contact us at 845-538-4567 or submit a request here, we'd love to help!