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Buying the Cheapest Tennis Tickets - Beware of Fees

Some of the most popular and important Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP, for short) events are held annually here in the United States, giving American tennis fans a chance to catch the world's best players compete to win major tournaments like the US Open and Miami Open. Given the importance of ATP World Tour events in determining the ranking of some of the world's best tennis players, tickets to catch these matches live are in extremely high demand as fans all around the world flock to see their favorite players compete. This can keep market prices high, but it doesn't mean there aren't ways to save big on tickets. If you're looking to find the absolute cheapest tennis tickets of any site, be sure to check out TickPick, where you'll save money by NEVER being charged any service fees!

Scoring tickets to the biggest tennis tournaments at the cheapest prices can be tricky, especially since tickets for ATP World Tour events normally go on sale many months before they’re scheduled to occur. If and when the tickets sell out, the cheapest ATP tournament tickets are going to be from marketplaces that do not charge any service fees. TickPick shows all-in pricing for all events, including upcoming ATP World Tour events and only charges sellers a 10% commission, with no additional fees for buyers. Other marketplaces may charge anywhere from 10-20% in additional fees, which are normally added to the total price after you reach the checkout page. So, if you are price shopping for tennis tickets, make sure you reach the checkout page for the most accurate pricing.

Tips for Buying Resale Tennis Tickets

Getting ATP World Tour tickets at face value isn't as big of a challenge as many would think. The most difficult part can be knowing when the tickets go on sale. For most ATP World Tour events, tickets go on sale 4-6 months prior to the start of the tournament. If it’s one of the top ATP tournaments like the US Open, then tickets are likely to sell out very quickly. If the tournament isn’t that big, tickets may be available for several weeks at face value. We'll outline all the scenarios for you here to help you secure the cheapest ATP World Tour tickets.

A) Buying Sold out Tennis Tickets

If you’re interested in buying tickets to some of the biggest ATP tournaments like the US Open, chances are the tickets are going to sell out in minutes. If you miss out on this rush to buy tickets, you can head to resale ticket sites which will have tickets that will still be reasonably priced for a few hours. After that, ticket prices will increase until the tennis tournament is about a month or so away. It's at this time that tickets once again begin selling fairly quickly. It inventory levels remain high, ticket prices can drop to near face value a week or two before the event.

B) Popular ATP Tournament, but Not Sold Out

In some cases, ATP events will not sell out, but tickets will be available on resale marketplaces. There are two ways you can play this. The riskier option is to wait until a few weeks before the tournament to buy tickets from a resale site, when ticket prices may be below face value due to decreased demand. The safer option would be to purchase tickets at face value before the event officially sells out, if possible.

C) Not Sold Out / Last Minute ATP World Tour Tickets

Buying tennis tickets last minute isn't always possible since many fans need to plan ahead for their travels; however, for the tournaments that don't sell out, this is your best option for securing tickets below face value. If you’re going this route, you should aim to purchase tickets around three days prior to the event when inventory levels are still high. It’s important to note that not all ticket prices will decrease as the event approaches, and tickets to some of the most in-demand ATP tournaments will increase in price. Thus, if the match you are looking to attend is a must, you should buy your Tennis tickets as soon as you find something you like.

Are ATP World Tour Tickets Worth It?

Unfortunately, there isn't a clear-cut answer to this question, as it all has to do with how much the fan is willing to spend up to catch these tennis matches in person. For some major tennis tournaments like the US Open, the premium, lower level tickets are absolutely worth it. In other cases, fans may be priced out of the lower levels but can still have a great experience while being in the building to see their favorite players compete.

Bid on Tennis Tickets

Another great way to get cheap tennis tickets is through TickPick's innovative bidding platform. By bidding on tickets, you are able to name your price for tickets to any upcoming ATP World Tour tournament. If ticket prices drop near your asking price, sellers will be able to sell their tickets to you at your asking price. When you are going through the bidding process, we will tell you how likely it is that your bid is hit, you're able to tell us for how long you'd like the bid to be active.