Jay-Z and Coldplay NYE tickets

*Updated* December 25th – It’s 6 days before the concert and the obvious question is should I buy now or wait. Currently there are 900 tickets available for sale on TickPick and 2,800 tickets on Stubhub. What does this mean? This means that a lot of those Jay-z / Coldplay tickets are in the hands of regular people that bought these tickets in anticipation that they can sell the tickets for more money. TickPick has mostly large ticket seller inventory which has it’s pros and cons, I will save that for another time.

About half of these tickets on both sites are physical hard tickets, and these tickets need to be fedexed or picked up. These physical tickets will come of stubhub at 3pm tomorrow (12/26) and 3pm 12/27 on TickPick. I think on the 27th between 12pm and 3pm will be a great time to pull the trigger and buy tickets. That’s because  there will still be a large inventory to select from and some sellers will be undergoing distressed situations to get rid of their Jay-z and Coldplay NYE tickets.

Note: If you are comparing TickPick tickets to any of our competitors make sure you look at the total price at the checkout (this is where they add 10% to 20% fees), while our ticket prices are all-in.

*Updated* As of December 12th, ticket prices have remained flat for the last several weeks. I suggest that you either place a reasonable bid on Jay-z and Coldpay tickets, or that you monitor prices closely for the next week. If you are comfortable waiting until the last minute you may be able to get a deal, but with the NYE element I wouldn’t risk it. With that said, I think it would be best to act before the masses decide what they are going to do and buy your Coldplay and Jay-z tickets soon.

*Original Post from November 17th*

Jay-Z and Coldplay have already sold thousands of presale tickets for the NYE concert at Barclays Center, but it’s not too late for you to get tickets. TicketMaster’s internet pre-sale is still running until 10pm on November 16th and CPJZ is your internet presale code. If you missed your chance than you can try to get tickets at 10am on Saturday, November 17th. However, you and I know that this concert is “sold out” by 9:59am.

Here’s a couple tricks to getting tickets on the general public onsale. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. TicketMaster and LiveNation (aka LiveNation Entertainment) are starting to allocate tickets specifically to mobile sales. This is evident by the Live Nation mobile app that is being pushed to consumers when you go to purchase tickets. One reason the mobile app is getting pushed onto consumers is because it is a great way to combat computer bots. Computer bots are computer programs that are designed to buy (almost all) the tickets before you and I can even write the security check (you know those fuzzy impossible to read images). How this is done blows my mind: I can’t even get the security code to match on my first two attempts.

And if that doesn’t work, here’s my last two recommendations: Buy your Jay-Z Coldplay tickets immediately. You want to do this before the media starts talking about how the concert sold out, and how expensive tickets are selling for. The more news the higher the prices will go. In some cases it will benefit you to buy tickets before the general onsale. When I was looking for Maroon 5 tickets this worked for me, I bought tickets for $75 on TickPick the day before the onsale. Tickets for the Maroon 5 concert at MSG are now selling for $150. If you already missed that window, then your going to want to wait until the buzz dies down. If you find yourself in this situation read my last blog, When Should I Buy Concert Tickets.


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