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San Diego State Aztecs vs. Sacramento State Hornets

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San Diego State Aztecs vs. UCLA Bruins

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San Diego State Aztecs vs. UNLV Rebels

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San Diego State Aztecs vs. San Jose State Spartans

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San Diego State Aztecs vs. Colorado State Rams

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History and Overview

Qualcomm Stadium is located in San Diego, California, and is home to the NFL's San Diego Chargers. Qualcomm Stadium was the home of the San Diego Padres until 2003 when Petco Park was completed. It has hosted three Super Bowls in it’s history, but has no hosted one since 2003. This former multi-purpose stadium has a capacity of 70,561 for football games.

Club Seats

San Diego Chargers club seating, located in the sections marked club along the sidelines, grant fans access to four lounges and early entry in to the stadium (3 hours before kickoff). Other amenities include wider and padded seats, premium food and drink options, as well as in seat service. Be aware that there is a large handrail in row 1 of the club seats that can obstruct your view, so avoid row 1 if possible.

Seat Numbers

Seat 1 at Qualcomm Stadium is located closest to the last seat of the preceding section. For example: Seat 1 in section (Plaza) 55 is next to Plaza 54, whereas the last seat in Plaza 55 would be closer to Plaza 56.

Chargers Bench

The San Diego Bench is located in front of sections 35-38 and the visitors bench is located in front of sections 4-8.

Bad Review

"Don't waste money on "field" seats. You can't see anything even if they don't say on the ticket "obstructed view". All field seats are obstructed view because you're sitting on the field and all you can see are the TV cameras, the barricades, the staff and the cheerleaders (someone feed them). Get the plaza seats. From the field seats you really don't see much of the game. If you don't show up early enough to park in the ONE lot near the stadium ($20) - you are screwed. This isn't like other major league stadiums with a lot of satellite parking lots. This is basically a stadium in a valley with no other place to park. My advice and if I ever go again, I'll get on TickPick and buy a parking permit. It's worth it. There is literally ONE parking lot on Friars Road near the stadium. I've never actually encountered a stadium that isn't near a city center so this was new to me - and I've been to 8 NFL stadiums. This one is "remote". There is nothing nearby. They want you to park somewhere far away and take a trolley. Which sounds like not a lot of fun."

Best Seats

The best seats for the San Diego Chargers are in the Plaza and Club Levels along the sidelines. The field level is not elevated enough and many of the seats can be obstructed, so ironically these are seats you may want to try and avoid. Club level seats are also out of the sun which is a huge advantage early in the season.

Good Review

"There are a number of poor reviews for Qualcomm that have more to do with people lacking the local knowledge on how to enter/exit the parking or when to enter a particular event than with the facility or how it is operated. If you're going to a sold-out event, you're going to want to get there 3-4 hours early and there are routes to take to minimize waiting time in traffic. (I-15 is a bad idea if you can avoid it. Neither do you want to be going west on Friars.) If you're trying to show up 2 hours early and trying to walk in 15 minutes before start time, consider yourself the majority and understand that you and all of your procrastinating cronies are going to make for a less-than-stellar experience that may verge on miserable. But that's on you, not on the venue."

SDCCU Stadium Ticket Policy

Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at SDCCU Stadium would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the SDCCU Stadium seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

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