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TickPick has the most detailed Verizon Center seating chart page available. Whether you are looking for the best seats for a Wizards game, Capitals game, Mystics game, or a concert, we have all the interactive seating maps covered. Details include live seat views, row numbers, seat numbers, obstructed views, club seating information, parking information, and much more!

Verizon Center
Best Seats for WizardsThe Best Seats for a Washington Wizards game are in sections 101 and 111, which are located at center court. The adjacent sections along the sidelines are also great options as well, but ideally for any basketball game, you want to sit as close to center court as possible. If these seats are not an option, the 200 level Club Seats are a great alternative.Wizards and Capitals BenchesThe Washington Wizards bench is located in front of section 101, and the Washington Capitals bench is located in front of sections 100 and 121. The penalty box at the Verizon Center is located in front of section 111. Verizon Center OverviewThe Verizon Center opened in 1997 and is located 601 F Street Northwest in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington DC. It is home to the Wizards, Capitals, and the Georgetown Hoyas. The Verizon Center has a capacity of 20,0308 for basketball and 18,506 for hockey.Verizon Center Floor Seats for ConcertsThe floor configuration for the Verizon Center is different for most concerts, so while looking at tickets here on TickPick you may also want to check the exact seating map on TicketMaster. The direction of the seat numbers for floor seats is that the the lower the seat number the more to the left it will be. So the typical floor configuration would mean that seat number 1 of Floor 1 would be furthest from the center of the stage. While Seat number 1 of Floor 3 would be towards the center of the stage.Verizon Center Seat NumbersThe seat numbers in Verizon Center are consistent and seat number 1 will always be closer to the adjacent section with the lower section number. For example seat number 1 in section 113 is next to section 112 and seat number 11 (up to seat number 19) is next to section 114.Washington Capitals Seating InfoThe Capitals shoot twice on the side with sections 102 to 109 and or 202 to 213 / 401 to 415. The caps bench is right in front of section 100 and 121 and the visitor bench is in front of section 100 and 101. The Penalty box is in front of section 111 row C. Seat 1 of row A and B of section 112 is next to the box as well as seat 22 of row A and B of section 110.Seat Numbers in the 100s, 200s and 400sThe 100s sections in the center court / ice have 22 seats (except for the last couple of rows where there are just a couple of rows with 20 seats). The rows in the corner sections start with a smaller number of seats per a row, typically 10 seats and increases to roughly 20 seats in the higher up rows. Most lower rows (A to F) in the 200s have either 16 seats while the higher rows (G to L) have 13 seats. In the 400s the lower rows have around 16 seats and the higher rows have as many as 23 seats. Note: Although seating charts are not drawn to exact scale the sections and parts of sections that appear smaller do reflect the seat numbers. For example section 216 has 16 seats in a row, in the lower half while the higher rows of section 216 only has 13 seats. Standing Room Only (SRO)A limited number of standing room only tickets are available for in demand Washington Capitals hockey games (particularly playoff games). Standing room only tickets are located in the lower level loge section of the Verizon Center and do have specific numbers for where you can stand.
Verizon Center Ticket Policy Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Verizon Center would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Verizon Center seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent

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Verizon Center Mobile Ticket Guide | Capitals and WizardsThe Verizon Center eliminated PDF (print at home) E-tickets back in 2016, and a year later fans and sellers alike are still having issues transferring Capitals and Wizards mobile tickets, and claiming Capitals and Wizards mobile tickets. As a marketplace positioned smack in the middle of the buyer and seller, we see fans struggle with the process on a daily basis. This led us to record a complete walk-through of the Verizon Center mobile ticket transfer and claim process. The video belowWhere are the Best Places to Eat Near the Verizon Center?Whether you’re a fan of the Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards or both, the Verizon Center is your go-to spot. Since both franchises have high playoff hopes and expectations, more and more fans are flocking to the Verizon Center to see their favorite teams play. With all these people heading out on the town, many are looking for a good place to eat beforehand, which begs the question; where are the best places to eat near the Verizon Center? Whether you prefer aVerizon Center Seating Chart | Capitals, Wizards, and Concert SeatingWelcome to our Verizon Center Seating Chart page. Home to the Washington Capitals, The Washington Wizards, and host to countless concerts and events, The Verizon Center is certainly the premiere venue in the Greater Washington D.C. Area. If you are looking to attend any events at this great venue then you have come to the right spot Here you will find some great tips and insider information on attending any event that is held at the Verizon Center, including seating numbers, seating charts, seatWashington Wizards Seating Chart (Seat Views & Numbers)Welcome to our Washington Wizards Seating Chart page. Here you will find everythign you need to know about going to a Washington Wizards  game at the Verizon Center, including seat and row numbers, seat views, best seats for Wizards games, and much more. The Verizon center has a capacity of 20,308, leaving plenty of room to find the right seats within the right price range. Be sure to check out our Cheap Washington Wizards Tickets Here!   Wizards Seating Chart Wizards Seat Numbers The seat
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SatAug 197:30 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $92TRUE
SatAug 267:00 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $8FALSE
TuesAug 297:00 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $12FALSE
FriSep 17:00 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $10FALSE
ThuSep 77:30 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $75FALSE
FriSep 157:30 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $43FALSE
SatSep 168:00 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $42FALSE
TuesSep 197:30 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $139FALSE
WedSep 207:30 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $123FALSE
FriSep 227:00 PMVerizon Center - Washington, DCFrom $6FALSE
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