When Is Adele Going On Tour?

It’s happened. Adele is finally out with her fourth studio album, 30. Led by the single “Easy On Me,” fans did all they could to prepare themselves for the arrival of 30. We tried to be strong. But then there was the tearful interview with Oprah in Adele’s beautiful home garden. This was followed by the touching marriage proposal at Adele’s One Night Only concert and the artist serenading the newly engaged couple with “Make You Feel My Love.”

30 arrived (Nov. 19), Adele’s fourth studio album and quite possibly her best—though, don’t we say this every time Adele releases a new album?

Spanning 12 tracks, the penultimate being one of the most powerful songs Adele has ever written, 30 is already bringing us to tears. There was nothing we could do to still our hearts or prepare ourselves for this record. There aren’t enough tissues in the world to handle what Adele has given us in 30: a love letter to her son. A portal into our own unsung relationships. A hand in our loneliness.

We weren’t ready. But now that we’re thrown back into our feelings, weak at the knees, there is just one question we have left for the supremely talented singer: When Is Adele Going On Tour?

Will Adele Tour in 2022?

In November 2015, the same month 25 made its debut, Adele announced her first tour since 2011. Beginning in Europe, Adele Live 2016 spanned 3 continents and totaled to 121 shows. The tour included epic and lengthy stopovers such as six shows at The O2 Arena in her hometown of London and six nights at Madison Square Garden.

Though the tour had its high moments, such as breaking Taylor Swift’s five-show record for most consecutive sold-out shows at the Staples Center, Adele Live 2016 unfortunately ended just a couple of shows short due to vocal chord damagea devastation for both Adele and her fans.

Not only is Adele likely to go on tour in 2022. We think it will be a huge one.

Though she doesn’t release an album more than once every five years, she dedicates herself to reuniting with her fans when there is new music to share. When she is back on the road, we makes it clear: she missed us, too. We think Adele will announce her tour soon. In the past, Adele has announced her concert tours three months before they begin—and often in November. We think, any day now, Adele will share plans to tour in 2022.

Hopefully, Adele will be on the road by February 2022. Rumor has it, there isn’t a single pop singer alive who is more charming, talented, entrancing. She can’t help but shine, captivate, onstage. If she tours, Adele will likely be the best concert you see this year.

When the time comes, you can find your Adele 2022 Concert Tickets here.

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