The 2020 NFL season will be unlike any that football fans have ever seen before. Due to Covid-19, there are many teams that will not be able to admit fans into their stadiums to provide the usually-exceptional atmosphere that fans who attend games are accustomed to.

There have been some positive signs, however, as multiple teams — including the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs — have announced plans to safely admit a number of fans into games at a reduced capacity. While these numbers can vary depending on local laws for large crowds or public gatherings, there will be some teams with fans in the stands this season, and we’ve outlined which teams those will be below. We’ll continue to update this chart with any new information as it comes along.

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Team Stadium Capacity Are They Allowing Fans? If So, How Many?
Arizona Cardinals 63,400 No (for now)  
Atlanta Falcons 71,000 Yes (beginning 10/11) ~10,000
Baltimore Ravens 71,008 No (for now)  
Buffalo Bills 71,608 No   
Carolina Panthers 75,523 Yes  ~5,000 fans
Chicago Bears 61,500 No  
Cincinnati Bengals 65,515 Yes ~6,000
Cleveland Browns 67,895 Yes  6,000
Dallas Cowboys 80,000 Yes ~22,000
Denver Broncos 76,125 Yes Roughly 7.5% of capacity (5,700)
Detroit Lions 65,000 No   
Green Bay Packers 81,441 No   
Houston Texans 72,220 Yes ~15,000
Indianapolis Colts 67,000 Yes 2,500 for first game, No more than 25% of capacity for following games (16,750)
Jacksonville Jaguars 67,164 Yes Roughly 25% of capacity (16,791)
Kansas City Chiefs 72,936 Yes Roughly 22% of capacity (16,045)
Las Vegas Raiders 65,000 No  
Los Angeles Chargers 72,240 No (for now)  
Los Angeles Rams 72,240 No (for now)  
Miami Dolphins 65,326 Yes  Roughly 20% of capacity (13,065)
Minnesota Vikings 66,655 No   
New England Patriots 66,829 No   
New Orleans Saints 73,208 No   
New York Giants 82,500 No  
New York Jets 82,500 No  
Philadelphia Eagles 69,596 No (for now)  
Pittsburgh Steelers 68,400 No   
San Francisco 49ers 68,500 No   
Seattle Seahawks 69,000 No (for first 3 games)  
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 65,890 Yes  15% capacity (10,000) for 11/4, 16,000 for following games
Tennessee Titans 69,143 Yes 10% capacity for 10/4 game, 12.5% for 10/11, 15% for 10/18 game.
Washington Football Team 82,000 No  
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