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Staples Center Seating Chart & Ticket Info

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Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes

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NBA Preseason: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

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Los Angeles Kings vs. Buffalo Sabres

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Los Angeles Kings vs. Calgary Flames

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Los Angeles Kings Seating

The Kings shoot twice on the side with section numbers 114 to 117. The Kings' Bench is located in front of section 101-102 and the Visitor's Bench is in front of section 119-101. If you're looking for tickets in the 100s, don't pay a premium for rows 3 to 10, instead, look for the tickets higher than row 15 (for the best views). This will allow your view to clear the glass and make it easier to follow the play. When comparing sightlines, tickets in the premier sections are just as good if not better for Kings hockey games.

Tips for Premier Sections (Sections 1-18)

These single and double digit sections are the lowest numbered, but not the lowest sections. The Premier Sections are mid-level. Premier Sections begin with Section 1 located in the corner of the stadium and continue along the width of the arena until Section 9. The same thing occurs on the opposite side of the stadium, beginning with section 10 and ending with section 18. These seats get their name for a reason. Premium Seats come with in-seat food and drink services, VIP entrances and exits, preferred parking, and complimentary entrance to the San Manual Club.

Tips for 300s Sections

These are the upper level seats. They are the most economic option, but also the farthest up. The sections begin with 301 in the middle of the arena and continues around until the last section 334 meets section 301.

Tips for 100s Sections

These are the closest seats to the action for any Kings hockey game (row 1 is against the boards), but for the Clippers, Lakers, and concerts these sections are extended so that there are letter rows in front of the number rows. For all of the 100s sections (for non hockey games) there are between 2 and 13 additional rows, except for the corner sections which don't have letter rows in front of row 1. There are typically 20 to 22 seats in a row, the corner sections will have a lot less seats per a row in the lower row numbers.

Tips for 200s Sections

They share the same mid-level as the Premier seats but without the amenities. The 200s sections are located on the ends of the arena and are on the same level as the premier sections.

LA Lakers and Clippers Seating

Courtside seats are located in front of sections 100, 102, 112, and 119. They're in front of row 1 and are labeled row A or B. Sections 105-108, 115, and 116-117 also have lettered rows in front of row "1." Rows A through M come before Row 1, so Row 1 is actually the 14th row. The Lakers/Clippers Bench is in front of section 119 and the visitor's bench is in front of section 102.

Tips for Suite Level Sections

Suite Levels A, B, and C are located between the 200s and 300s sections. Suite Levels A and B are horseshoe shaped, beginning in a corner of the arena at Suite 1 and continuing clockwise 3/4ths of the way around the arena, ending at 56 for A or 62 for B. Suite Level C wraps all the way around the arena, but the Suites at the end of the arena are labeled E, followed by a number. These seats have the same amenities as the Premier Sections.

Staples Center Seat Numbers

Seat numbers are consistent for every section, with the lower seat numbers always closer to the section next to it with a lower section number. Seat 1 in section 111 will be on the aisle next to section 110, while seat 21 will be on the aisle next to section 112. This is true for all hockey and basketball games as well as concerts (even for the floor sections).

Staples Center Ticket Policy

Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Staples Center would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Staples Center seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

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